Saturday Morning With Jeff - Sunrise Addition

Hello all. This Saturday morning I decided to travel to the shores of Lake Michigan to watch the Sunrise. Along the way we watch the usual assortment of video's including "On the Road with Willy"

Making Real Coffee!

This is four parts. As Soon as part one ends, hit the little arrow and part 2 will begin. Personally, I'll still to my drip coffee maker.

Coffee With Jeff

Denis Leary on Coffee

Not for kids, this is Denis Leary!

Ariana, the coffee-drinking cat

There seems to be a lot of these Coffee Drinking Cat Video's on youtube. I've never owned a cat that licked Coffee. Wierd!

May 9th Coffee With Jeff

A lot of stuff going on in this coffee with Jeff. I may or may not play Heaven and Hells (Black Sabbath) new album, One Beer To Many, Brian Does the News, and Willy On the Road.

Jim Henson does Wilkins Coffee

Jim Henson's early Muppet work. It's hard to believe the violence that they got away with back in the day.

This is a true coffee story

A Coffee Song

This is so stupid, it made me laugh. I hop the hair was a wig.

Coffee Time for May 2, 2009!

My Current show. Feel free to let me know how much you thought it sucked.

You Look Like You Could Use a Cup of Coffee

This was my show from February 28th 2009. It was the first time I added a video I had made earlier. This is my Heart Attack Sandwich episode! It's only my third show, so give me a break!