Hot Rods to Hell!

It's Christmas time and Tom Phillips is on his way home, bringing presents for his all American family; the beautiful wife, teenage daughter and young son. Driving down a narrow winding road on a foggy, snowy night, some might say too fast for conditions, another car coming towards Tom and loses control. Tom yells "Crazy drunk!" just before his is driven off the road. Tom winds up laying on the cold, wet ground, blood dripping from his head and presents spread all over,

And so it begins!

Soon after, Tom is heeling physically but emotionally he's got a few issues, waken from bad dreams and afraid to drive. In an effort to start a new life, he buys a motel, sells everything the family owns and sets out on a cross country road trip with the family. About 80 miles away, the wife behind the wheel, they meet up with the Hit Roads to Hell. It's those damn teenagers who don't have any respect for themselves or others.

This film was filmed for TV in 1966 but was so good it was released in theaters and Drive-ins in 1967. It has the look and feel of a more 1950's film than 1967. The family could have been out of a Leave It To Beaver and the wild kids are not dressing of acting like a 1967 teenagers.

Directed by John Brahm, this was his final film. John was a film maker in the 1940s but soon because a TV director as soon as the miracle box became popular, He directed many shows from 1952 until he retired in 1967. Some might way it was time.

For more information on the cast and crew, check out the IMDB site - CLICK HERE

As the policeman say at the rest stop the family pulls into to hide from the 'gang'. "These kids have no where to go but they want to get there at 150 miles an hour. Giving them cars like that is like putting guns in their hands. Yes, they might kill somebody. I only hope I catch up with them before they do."

In the club, there is a band playing and apparently the leader of the band in Mickey Rooney's son. From what I read, he was an original Mousketeers on Walt Disney's "The Mickey Mouse Club" and later played bass in Willie Nelson's band.

So it turned out the the motel he bought is also a night club, the bad teenagers hangout and they don't like it. Adding to the drama, Tom's young daughter is attracting one of the bad boys. So will Tom face up to his fears and fight back or will he chicken out and run.

How to Get Rich on the Internet

I have a friend who has made a fortune on the internet. He has written books and does seminars all over the world telling people how to get rick using the internet. I've read a couple of his books and watched many of his videos. None of it help me make money.

After a while it occurred to me, the secret! Oops, I better not call it that, I might get in trouble from Rhonda Byrne. I'll call it, The Concealed.

And one thing it is not; a believe in it and it will come true.

Here is it (drum roll, please) The way to make money on the internet is to tell people how to make money on the internet. It doesn't matter if it works or not. Just put a disclaimer in small print saying just that. Have you ever watched those late night infomercials in which they tell you how to make cash without an effort? Do you see all those people who wave huge checks around and tell you how easy it is? Read the fine print at the bottom. They will all say that these results are not typical and some even go on to say that the people in the commercials are actors, not real success stories. It's all in the fine print!

So start a blog, write a book, make some videos and tell people some half-ass way to make some money. You can even do a
Rhonda Byrne thing and tell them that just wanting it bad enough and you'll get it. It doesn't matter! Just don't forget the fine print.

So now you know the The Concealed, Jeff's way to make money on the internet!

7 More Days Go Bye

Let us see what new.

Since I'm a Photoshop guy, a co-worker sent me this YouTube video, which, according to the video, is a new feature in the upcoming Photoshop. I find it hard to believe. In a way, I hope it's not real because the easier they make Photoshop, the less need there will be for a guy like me.

The last example might be a little much.

Just read s story of three teenage girls, about 18, who were on a 500 mile bike ride. They were struck by an elderly driver, killing one girl and seriously injuring the other two. I can't imagine what the parents of these three must be going through, and what the other two, if they survive, will have to deal with. Also the old man. I'm assuming it was just a unfortunate accident. What will his remaining years be like?

1 teen killed, 2 injured on Downstate bike trip

Terry at Broken Hearted Toy writes a very good piece called 45 RPM Memories, A semi-regular feature about some of my favorite singles from the past. On this post he writes of The Bangles and compares their latest efforts with those of the past.

The podcast I'd like to recommend in a music podcast called The Subculture Collective / Wreckhouse Radio. Barry Monster brings a wide range of lesser known Rock and Roll music. As I write this I am listening to a band called The Tombstone Brawlers doing a rockabilly version of Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast. Very cool stuff. Each show is about an hour and a half. Get on iTunes (free from Apple for both PC and Mac) and start listening to this show. Also you can get it from the website.

Hope every gave the Kurosawa movies all month long on TCM a chance.

My wife received the following email. Seems we "have got" a tax refund. Do you think we should give them out Visa information?

Manchester Gallery 6 - Two Takes

The Incredible Fictionalized Account of the
Sixth Installment of Manchester Gallery.

From the upcoming book, "Coffee With Jeff: Behind the scenes".

Remember, the myth is always better than the truth.

What happens when to visionaries both have an idea for an episode of a classic Internet show and neither side will bend? You get two different versions of the same show. Such is the case with the latest Manchester Gallery.

On Saturday, Dave burst into Pam's office at the Manchester Gallery Studios, his face red with anger and before Pam could begin to talk, his fist pounded the large antique Victorian desk she sat behind. Pam had been the director and editor of the most recent edition of the show and obviously Dave has an issue with the final result.

Six weeks earlier, Dave had suddenly been jolted wide-awake from a vision he had while drifting in and out of his slumber. He remembered his Uncle Wilber and his fascination with the Beatles. Dave still had the original Beatles' button that he had found in his Uncles belongings after he has passed away. This would make an excellent topic for the Manchester Gallery, he figured. He even called his Aunt Beatrice, the late Wilber's wife, and explained how he was going to use Wilber as a subject for a show. She was thrill. She had mentioned how she had been a fan of the Gallery every since it was on radio back in the 1940s. Dave made an attempt to explain that the show had been around for less than a year but soon gave up. He could see why Beatrice and Wilber made such a good pair.

A week later on a Saturday, maybe Sunday, he was having Coffee with Terrence and began to explain his idea. No wait it was a Saturday, I think. Anyway, since there was an art show happening soon at the Flat Iron, Dave knew this would be the perfect place to film the episode. Terrence listened bit wasn't exactly thrilled. You see, the last episode had been partially written my Dave and Terrence was anxious to do a show of his own creation. As Dave chatted on, he noticed Terrence flipping a quarter between his fingers. Was this a reference to . . .? An agreement was made to shoot the Dave's story but unknown to Dave, there would be a little Terrence in the story as well.

When the day of filming arrived, Terrence handed Dave two scripts. The first one was Dave idea exactly, but the second was a modified version that was more to Terrence's taste.

"What the hell is this, T?" Dave always referred people by there first initial when he was disturbed,

"What do you mean, David?" Terrence replied, obviously knowing exactly what Dave was referring to. Terrence reached into his pocket and pulled out a small tangerine and began to throw it a few inches into the air and catch it. "Just another variation on your story, David. Why don’t we just try it both ways?”

Not being able to utter the words he wanted to speak, Dave stormed off.

Pam, who has just finished mounting the last of the lights, quickly followed Dave into the bathroom. "Dave, let's talk."

Already splashing water on his face, he turned as said, "How long Pam, how long is he going to bring up that this. It happened so damn long ago." Of course he was referring to the tangerine-silver dollar incident from their time at the ad agency.
"Look Dave, you're right. What happened with the tangerine was horrible but it was a long time ago. This is not about the tangerine or the silver dollar. You know that." He looked at her as she spoke; his eyes filled with tears, looking like a lost puppy. "Listen to me, " she continued. "I am the director and editor. Once the camera stopped, all the decisions are mine. Go ahead and film it both ways. Just do it to make Terrence happy. I'll have the finally say."

Talking a deep breath, he walked back onto the set. Dave, the professional, by the time he was back in front of the camera was ready and did each script to perfection, with so much heart and soul that Terrence began to feel a little guilty for the way he had acted. Half way through the sixteen-hour shoot, he walked over and dropped the tangerine into the garbage can. Looking up, a starving artist, the type that lives in the Iron Horse gazed at him. "Sorry dude, no one gets that piece of fruit."

Two days before the latest addition of Coffee with Jeff was to air, the cast a crew got together at the Music Box Theater for the screening and that's when Dave saw the final version. He turned to where Pam was sitting but she was gone.

Now back at her office, Dave fist down on the desk, he demanded to know what had happened. She looked up, now her eyes were filled with tears, and she said, "You're right Dave, it was all about the Tangerine and Dollar."

Journey to Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Here is my short film of my travels to some of the locations from the the famous John Hughes film Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

I visit the two motels that Neal and Del stay at, as well as Neal Page's home and the place were their wonderfully burnt car is towed to.

Another Damn Coffee Show

On today's show I show the first couple of minutes of my upcoming film, "Selfindulgence", I explained my shower Dilemma, and Willy checks out two bands! Part 2 finishes up On the Road with Willy were I join him to check out Goin' South. Next we look at some of the locations for Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and Manchester Gallery goes the the Flat Iron art show to appraise a rare piece of Beatles memorabilia. Finishing up the Manchester Gallery, Jeff shows some of his piece in the Coffee With Jeff collection. This is followed by my plea for help and an interesting song about coffee.




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Broken Hearted Toy - Terry's Rock and Roll blog

The Free Sound Project - A lot of sounds we use come from here!

Okemos Brewing Internet Radio - Rock and Roll Deep Cuts!

Zecom Radio Internet Rock and Roll Radio with Marty!
Enforcer Music - Chicago's Premiere Heavy Metal Band

Slim Rughead and the Texas Hangover - Great Music

Goin' South - Southern Rock and Roll

Willinois Nation

Wicked Whimsy Studios - The Art of Dave Mezger!

This Week in Jeff's World

The first thing I'd like to say is I'm tired of the Gosselin's. Kate and Jon. First thing, the name John should have an "h" in it. There, I've said it! Further more, these two should NOT EVER been in the news. Every news website I go to has a story on this couple. They are not, nor will they ever be news. They got a television show just because they had a crap load of kids. The success went to their heads, he allegedly cheated on her, she said she didn't and then divorced him, and not she wants to get into acting. Hey Katie, why don’t you spend years learning you craft like most great actors instead of using your tabloid fame to cheat your way to a job!

Got that rant out of the way!

Over at the wonderful Broken Hearted Toy, Terry reviews The Urges new CD, Psyche Ward, as well as some information on the The Hollies were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. Check out Terry's site for a very good read.

A podcast I'd like to recommend is Wiretap from CBC radio. Written and hosted by Jonathan Goldstein, it is very funny. Jonathan has a dry, witty sense of humor. Originally broadcast on Radio One: Saturdays at 1:30 p.m and Thursdays at 11:30 p.m and on Sirius Satellite 137: Fridays at 4:30 p.m., Saturdays at 3:30 a.m. & 8:30 p.m. and Sundays at 2 a.m., it is also available as a podcast on iTunes and the CBC website.

Turner Classic Movies continues its Akira Kurosawa Every Tuesday, marathon to celebrate his 100 birthday. Kurosawa was a Japanese writer/director whose films are some of the most influential masterpieces ever created.TCM is showing a bunch on his films, in Japanese with English subtitles.

Last weekend my wife, Dawn and I enjoyed the music of Goin' South with a bunch of good friends including my cousin, Willy and his wife Lisa, Buddy and Threshold founder, Brian and his girlfriend, Tammy, my brother Brian and his wife Beth, A friend I have not seen for 25 years, Rick, and finally, Cassie, my childhood friend that I had not seen in too many years. If there was only one downside to the night is the fact, with so many wonderful people around, a beer was never not in my hand. In fact, usually before one beer was empty, I had another. What is wrong with that you ask? Let's just say, Jeff might not known when to say when.

New Show this weekend!

Mom's YouTube Question

Found this on Yahoo Answers. Come on now! Is this real? Click on the image to be taken to the actual question and read some of the responses.

This Week in Jeff's World

Turner Classic Movies, every Tuesday, are showing Akira Kurosawa films to celebrate his 100 birthday. Kurosawa was a Japanese writer/director whose films are some of the most influential masterpieces ever created. In fact, the film Hidden Fortress was a direct influence on George Lucas's Star Wars. You might even say, George borrowed a lot from this film. Of course Akira didn't spend the rest of his life milking the story for ever penny he could get but that is a rant for another time.

Over at the one of my favorite blogs, Broken Hearted Toy, writer, actor and Holly's fanatic, Terry Flamm wrote a nice piece about in his on going series ‘zines of the past, Vintage Publication Spotlight # 5. Before there were blogs in which any idiot like me could quickly type out his thoughts and such, on created their own magazine or newspaper. These were known and 'zines. As a person who tried on more than one occasion to start his own 'zine, I can tell you it was a large undertaking.

For all you cats you get sick and tired of all the crap that radio has out there, can I suggest downloading podcasts? And I have one in particular I think you should listen to, Michael Kaiser's RadiOblivion. He provides Providing Better Living Through Discarded Music with Wild Sounds and Rock 'N' Roll. And you can check out his blog, Michael Kaiser's Haus. His podcast is available at the Garage Punk Website and iTunes.

The weather is getting warmer in the Chicago area! Woot! (woot is a word I learned from my daughter. I think it is suppose to mean good.)

And finally, here is a film to check out at called Rock Rock Rock (1956). While the "plot" is silly and badly acted, even if it does have Tuesday Weld, the lip sinced musical numbers, introduced by Alan Freed are with watching, including Chuck Berry, LaVern Baker, and Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers.

I've got a few musical clips, but first some bad acting

How about a little Chuck Berry!

And a little The Moonglows

Goin' South This Weekend!

I've been wanting to see this band for a long time and ever had the opportunity. This weekend, in Woodstock, IL, it is time. Come and meet Jeff and Willy from Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff, and feel free to buy me a beer!

Manchester Gallery #5

Terrence reads a piece of viewer mail from across the pond in which they have a new idea for Coffee With Jeff, and he shows some of the galleries Beatles exhibits.

Wow, Jeff drinks coffee

Do you believe in the UFO cover up? How about a conspiracy from the energy companies, or do you just want to see a huge snowball fight. Maybe you want to see the Manchester Galleries Beatles' collection? Check out this weeks Coffee with Jeff




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For Billy Meier's Website. CHICK HERE

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Broken Hearted Toy - Terry's Rock and Roll blog

The Free Sound Project - A lot of sounds we use come from here!

Okemos Brewing Internet Radio - Rock and Roll Deep Cuts!

Zecom Radio Internet Rock and Roll Radio with Marty!
Enforcer Music - Chicago's Premiere Heavy Metal Band

Slim Rughead and the Texas Hangover - Great Music

Goin' South - Southern Rock and Roll

Willinois Nation

Wicked Whimsy Studios - The Art of Dave Mezger!

And So The Weekend has Arrived

What does the Jeffer have in store for the weekend? First, I'm going to get a haircut after work tonight. I hate getting my hair cut. I really do. I think I did a Coffee with Jeff on that last year. The thing is, the stylists, who in my day were called barbers, always want to make small talk. I don't! Another thing I hate is mindless small talk. I don't know you and you don;t know me, so just get on with the clipping. I'll tip you just the same either way.

On Saturday I'll create the next installment of Sunday Morning Coffee. I'm really optimistic about this episode! Have a contest with a great prize. It's a tough one.

And on Sunday, Poker (don't eve know her). Ha ha! Anyway, have not had much luck on Sunday poker. We've played two weeks and the first week I just played badly and have no one to blame but myself. Last week, the cards didn't fall my way when I needed them too. It happens. The thing about Texas Hold'em is you gonna have to get lucky at some time to win. The object is to get yourself ready, to put yourself in a position to get lucky.

Hey, this isn't a poker lesson!

I might also change the oil in the Jimmy. Long overdue.

Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

Always have lots of ideas for the show but time in never on my side. I need a staff. Does anyone want to work for Coffee with Jeff. I promise you won't be harassed, criticised, laughed at or paid.

Sundays Show

Got a great Manchester Gallery for this Sunday show, a short film on being a secretary, Willy goes to the largest snowball fight, why I now believe in flying Saucers and much more. It's looking like a fantastic show but than again I always think that and they never turn out the way I hope.

Other Coffee With Jeff new. The Coffee with Jeff Nation will be at Oddfellows in Woodstock, IL on March 13, 2010 to see the southern rock on Goin' South! BE THERE and have a beer with Jeff.

American Splendor

Yesterday I posted my The Movie Psychic movie review. More than a joke than anything else. Yes, you can say I am wrong for trashing a film that I've never seen before. Fair enough. Still, I am going to assume that film is trash and I probably will never see it.

I thought I'd write about a truly great flick today, American Splendor from 2003. This film stars the great Paul Giamatti as the writer and creator of the comic book of the same name, Harvey Pekar. What this movie does that is so unusual is that, although Harvey and all the people in his life are portrayed by actors, the real people do appear in the film. Not as extras or cameos, but as themselves. The film isn;t afraid to cross that forth wall. It works. You see, we all know that Paul Giamatti is not Harvey Pekar and the film is not a document of Harvey's actual life. The film right away says, Yes, we know that you know and we are not going to pretend otherwise. Besides, it sort of makes the story more real knowing that all the real people are being represented.

This film is on cable every now and the, IFC (Independent Film Channel) shows it about one a month, I would guess. The next clip is early in the film in which Harvey is first getting the idea to write a comic book. It's a funny scene.

The Movie Psychic - She's Out of My League

This is something new.

Although I've never been a believer is Psychic powers, I might change my mind as I feel I've developed powers that let me judge a new movie without ever seeing it. I awoke this morning with a movie review for the new DreamWorks film She's Out of My League.

This film is not worth paying for, in fact two years from now when it is shown in WTBS at 2 in the morning, and you're awake because that cold you have been suffering with for weeks won't let you sleep, and you are just looking for something mindless to doze off to, this movie still won't be worth watching.

It is a stupid, mindless, formulaic romp with uses every cliched joke and fails completely and providing any laughs.

Here is what my psychic powers tell me about the end of the film. If they are correct, I might spoil the ending for you. The geek and the pretty girl get together and give the appearance of living happily ever after. Of course, this is bullsh*t and the relationship won't last, but if this is the king of film you like, just use you suspension of disbelieve and pretend, if that makes you happy.