A Good Reason to Get Up

No Show This Week

No Show this week as I'll be out of town. Be back next week!

Coffee Noir - Sunday Morning coffee 27

Today, Jeff's long 4th of July weekend, featuring The Beatles (cover band), Led Zeppelin (cover band), Johnny Cash (cover band), an 80's band going Bon Jovi and the real Blue Oyster Cult. Willy goes on the road and he watches The Beatles (cover band), and we get part 6 of Cloneheads. All this plus the News and What's My Crime? Coffee with Jeff, Rock and Roll, Crime and Comedy.

Reasonably Content

Jeff goes on the road to a forest preserve to tell a joke. See some clips of the 1965 classic, The Eye Creatures! Terry has an idea to protect your home from burglars! Driving tips from Jeff! All this and so much more comedy!

On The Road to Modern Day Romeos

Willy arrives home to see the damage the clones have done and then check s out Modern Day Romeos at Blarney Island a mile off-shore in Antioch, IL!

My Naked Feet

Another thrilling episode of Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff is which Jeff does something he has never done before. Willy finds out some shocking news about the clones and checks out Modern Day Romeos. We watch the trailer for The Man Who Fell to Earth and much more! You just might laugh!

Cloneheads 1-4

Here is an update of the Cloneheads. This seem to be getting out of hand
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