Old Days with Fritz #4

What do you find funny? Chances are, it's not the same thing Fritz Willoughby finds funny. Check out the 4th installment of Old Days.

The Castle of Sex and Blood CWJ-17

This week we bring you The Castle of Sex and Blood. OK, so there is no sex or blood in this episode, but you will see a couple of castles and plenty of laughs. Willy (or is it?) checks out some bad dancing, Jeff visits 6 castles in the midwest area and what about the dancing tooth?

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep16

Remember the Film Noir classic Detour from 1945? Of course you don't. No one does. That's why I'm going to show you a few clips. Why? Because if I didn't break up the comedy a little, you might die laughing! Fritz Willoughby is in the house with his comments on modern humor, as well as Who Dat Artist and a promo for the new show!

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep15 The Big Announcement!

Jeff has some breaking news but before that, the comedy begins as he goes off on McDonald's drive through! Willy goes Ont he Road to Deep 6, and the final episode of Survivor Women. And the the BIG Announcement!

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep14 - Cassandra's trouble

Jeff's back this week and as humorous and exciting as he's ever been. Is that good or bad? You be the judge! The third addition of survivor woman is featured as well as What's with Terry as he takes a new Facebook photo. Also, watch the story of Pert and pretty high school teen Cassandra Leigh and her drug addiction!