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Those nice folks over at have decided to have a Coffee with Jeff page. On thie site, you see the best of Coffee with Jeff. As per my agreement, I will include content that has not been seen on the weekly Coffee with Jeff, as well as new, original content. Click the link below to see COFFEE TV!

You'll see stuff like this:

Coffee With Jeff - The last half-hour show

There is no theme to this weeks show, just fun. We have a couple of new features including ads and, Cinema Cheese and Anklebone Stories.




Elvis vs The Mummy

Well I hope you watch Bubba Ho-Tep last night. Bruce Campbell as Elvis fighting a Egyptian mummy with Jack Kennedy. Seriously! Here is the trailer!

I'm starting to formulate a plan for the next Coffee With Jeff. Also, I think there is going to be some major changes to the show. Stay tunes young crime fighters!

The blog of the week is one called Power Pop Criminals. It is another Rock and Roll blog that features rare and hard to find music. Recent post are titled VARIOUS - SOME SOUNDALIKESSLATERS - THE BIG BLACK BUG BLED BLACK BLOOD (1993) and EXPLODING WHITE MICE - WE WALK ALONE (1995), so you can see the blogger isn't doing you typical top 40. His name is angelo and the only thing I know about his is his favorite film is Animal House.

For all those card players out there, the podcast of the week is Poker Road Radio. This is a podcast with a strange history. Back in 2005, it was 'The Circuit" by Card Player Magazine, and then it moved to Pokerwire, and now has found a home at Poker Road Radio. That is because one of the host's, Joe Sebok (Son of Barry Greenstein) is the owner of Poker Road. The show has a revolving cast, but the main three are Joe, Gavin Smith and Joe Stapleton. The show is about poker but with humor. In fact sometimes the humor takes the place of poker talk. For poker players who want to laugh, this is the podcast for you!

That's about all I have for this week. And remember, keep watching the skies!"

Iron Maiden - 1980

I had heard of the band Iron Maiden but never had given them much thought. This was back in 1982 when a friends introduced me to their third album, The Number of the Beast. It was love at first sight. I played that album to death.

Of course, I had to check out their previous two releases, Iron Maiden and Killers.
I was originally disappointed. While the latest record was powerful and well produced the first two sounded more like a garage band. At the time I remember wondering if this was even the same band. And where was that singer with the huge voice whose opening on Beast blew me away?

After a couple of listens, my opinion slowly changed. The first release by Maiden has since become one of my favorites.

Prowler – This song open with such a basic guitar riff it is almost comical but it is a great tune. I energetic and powerful opening to the album

Sanctuary – A Maiden classic. The fast-paced energy continues with this one. The one problem I've always had with this song is the constant panic when I'm driving and I hear those police sirens.

Remember Tomorrow – The album slows down a bit with this one which words well after the two before it. I love how this tune goes from almost a ballad to a classic rock and roll guitar solo in the middle and them back to the ballad.

Running Free – Come on now, nothing needs to be said about this one. From the bass-drums opening to the lines “Just 16, pick up truck, out of money, out of luck” I believe this song has never been out of their liv set. I'll just that word again “Classic”

Phantom of the Opera – This tune could have probably held up as an instrumental. When Paul does begin to sing, it is right along with the guitars. About two minutes in, The song changes style completely and after a few more vocals goes into a long and fantastic guitar instrumental. Love this tune!

Transylvania – Speaking of instrumentals, this is something I always wished the band would do more of. I dare you not to crank this one! Four Minutes of Rock and Roll heaven!

Strange WorldTransylvania goes right into this one. A slower tune, one of the weaker tunes on the album but a nice break from the none stop heavy metal energy the last three tunes. Great guitar work as always.

Charlotte the Harlot – The first of four tunes using the leginary “Charlotte”. Of course most Maiden fans remember her from 22 Acacia Avenue. This song is similar as it changes tempo in the middle of the song; Hard Rock, slow down to ballad style, and them kick-ass with some great guitar work.

Iron Maiden – If you don't know Iron Maidens theme than why are you reading this. Still in their live set and a classic Maiden tune!

It should be noted that by the time of The Number of the Beast, only three of these members would still be part of the band and only two, Dave Murray and Steve Harris by the time of Piece of Mind.

Jeff's review for this album 9.5 out of 10!

Condemned To Live – 1935

“I swooned” That phrased is is again and again in this film. No one ever faints, they swoon.

We begin in a cave. A young pregnant women is sick or something and the beating of tribal drums can be heard in the distance. She is with two men, one is her husband. “I can't stand it,” she says, “If you love me, kill me, kill me now.” As it turns out that the cave is is the home of bats, vampire bats, and when the men are discussing this very subject, one of the bats besides to have a suck on the mother-to-be's neck.

Cut to many years later and a small village, the type were people still run around with flaming touches, has a problem with a killer who tears open the throats of his victims and only kills in the dark. Many superstitious people believe the killer is a bat but the tall, good looking hero says, “No bat could tear their throats as if with teeth and drag their bodies to the cave.”

“There are stranger things upon this Earth than you could know of, Davis.” replies Doctor Bizet.
This film has all the essentials, a beautiful young girl who plans on marrying, the handsome man, the strange doctor, a hunchback, and many creepy villagers. “It's well to be afraid when the devil has spewed such a lonesome creature as this upon us!” one old lady says.

At only 66 minutes long, there is barely enough plot for in length. I can only describe this film and a Jeckle and Hyde vampire film. It really doesn't hold up very well. While watching, I kept feeling like I've seen this film before. In fact, add a few jokes and it could almost be a parody of 1930 horror films.

Condemned to Live was directed by Frank R. Strayer who went on to direct all those Blondie films of the late 30 and early 40. Really, there is not much to say except the child of the pregnant girl at the beginning might have something to do with the killings. (Hope that didn't spoil anything).

You can download this film free at and although I have not checked, I bet its available on Youtube

Radiation Song - The Aquabats

This is the song used during the ending credits for last Sundays Coffee With Jeff. It's called Radiation Song by The Aquabats

You can visit their website by clicking here

Coffee With Jeff - The Atom

This time, Jeff and the gang focus on Radiation.