Coffee With Jeff Halloween Episode

The last show of the season is, of course, the 2nd annual Halloween show. Screams, chills, and all that B-Movie magic. Within all this madness is the 20th episode of the Manchester Gallery! See how Terrence wraps all the problems he's got himself into. And finally, Willy continues his search for a new band to follow! You'll laugh and scream!

Coffee Outtake - How to be Popular

I used a bunch of clips from this film called "How to be Popular" in the last Coffee With Jeff. This one, however, didn't fit and I thought it was amusing,

Coffee With Jeff 10-24-10

How to be popular, who is that artist, this day in history, Vampires, buy a mug to help me out, and much much more on this episode of Coffee with Jeff.
Pete's YouTube Channel - MrInterlocutor

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Broken Hearted Toy - Terry's Rock and Roll blog

The Free Sound Project - A lot of sounds we use come from here!

Okemos Brewing Internet Radio - Rock and Roll Deep Cuts!

Zecom Radio Internet Rock and Roll Radio with Marty!
Enforcer Music - Chicago's Premiere Heavy Metal Band

Slim Rughead and the Texas Hangover - Great Music

Goin' South - Southern Rock and Roll

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Wicked Whimsy Studios - The Art of Dave Mezger!

This Weekend, on Cable

Got some good movies on Turner Classic Movies tonight:

X The Unknown (1956)
Five Million Years To Earth (1968)
These Are the Damned (1963)
The Stranglers of Bombay (1960)
The Boogens (1982)
Night Of The Lepus (1972)

Set the DVR!

Coffee Short - On the Road #3

This is the On the Road episode in which Willy visited The Volo Auto Museum in Volo Illinois. Willy checks out the vehicle from Ghostbusters, The Great Race, Wayne's World and much much more!

Roadblocks on the Internet Super Highway

My quest continues...

Part of finding a good reading on the Internet is much more than finding a blog of interest. It is more of a mater of finding a blog that’s active!

I don't know how Blog Catalog ranks the blogs but it seems the same blogs are always on the first page. There are 150 pages with about 30 blogs listed per page, so I’ll go to the end. I thought I’d visit blogs that most people don’t and I might find a diamond in the rough.

One thing that is nice is the screen shots. When I see this:

The blogs dead! That is a generic screen on hosting service gives for web address that no longer are in use.

Of about the 20 I attempt to enjoy, 3 were dead, and many blogs most recent post was something like this “I know it has been since I last posted but I am back and planning to post more often…” and usually that post was a year or two ago. Planning to post more often and actually doing it are two different things.

Most people consider themselves creative, insightful and intelligent but the idea or writing a book or sculpting a statue is much too time consuming and the learning curve is way to high. A blog, however, is a great way to let the creative juices flowing, or so it would seem. For a while you have a lot to say but after a few months you are writing about the great sandwich you had last night and eventually you lose interest. After some months you get the urge to post again and that is the apology post, and usually the last post.

That is why the there is now an Internet junkyard of dead blogs and website.

And that is why I rarely find a blog to read!

Coffee With Jeff 10-17-10

With only three shows before the seasons over, we pack this episode with lots of goodies. The 19th Manchester Gallery, Who Dat Artist, The Shaft of History, and now the story of a bad album cover!

Today's ending song was "Icon" by the band Panico - Click Here for Free Download!

Pete's YouTube Channel - MrInterlocutor

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Broken Hearted Toy - Terry's Rock and Roll blog

The Free Sound Project - A lot of sounds we use come from here!

Okemos Brewing Internet Radio - Rock and Roll Deep Cuts!

Zecom Radio Internet Rock and Roll Radio with Marty!
Enforcer Music - Chicago's Premiere Heavy Metal Band

Slim Rughead and the Texas Hangover - Great Music

Goin' South - Southern Rock and Roll

Willinois Nation

Wicked Whimsy Studios - The Art of Dave Mezger!

Coffee Short - Manchester Gallery #3

The Hollies wing at the Manchester Gallery gets busy after the Hollies get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. See the Galleries extensive collection of Hollies memorabilia!

Ask Grim #1

A very humorous video I came across!

My Internet Integrity

Anyone who has a blog, or posts regularly to YouTube, which I do both, knows the game. You'll get a message from someone saying they are following you. For my blog, I use Blog Catalog a lot and I get these messages all the time, as well as on YouTube.

But when you look into it, you know damn well that these people have never watched your video or been to your blog. It is the game they play. They have no interest in your blog, none what so ever. They just want you to follow them and read their blog, or watch their videos!

I can't help but have some integrity when it comes to the Internet. Here is my rules!
  1. I never "Follow" anyone unless I truly enjoy their work.
  2. I never leave a comment unless I have something to say about the post or video.
  3. Anyone who has the courtesy to visit my blog, I will do the same back, using rules 1 & 2 when I get there.
YouTube is the worse when it comes to this. Everyone wants you to watch there videos buy most of them won't take the time to watch others work.

I have come across another blog that I enjoy reading called kelley's break room. You might want to check it out. Anyway, I went there, read a post that was interesting, left a comment and a few days later, Kelley was nice enough to leave a comment on my blog. That is Internet Integrity!

Crazy Crazy World Part 1

Drunken Wausau man rescued from river after chasing goose!

WAUSAU, Wis. — Wausau rescued and arrested a drunken man who plunged into the Wisconsin River while chasing a one-legged goose. The 40-year-old Wausau man told officers he wanted to catch the bird and roast it. He said he took off his shirt and shoes Thursday afternoon and jumped into the frigid water.

Authorities said he was overcome by the cold water and had to be rescued by firefighters. Police said the man had been drinking heavily before the stunt.

The man was arrested on an outstanding warrant for bail jumping.

Witness Sergio Lopez works by the river. He said he often sees people jump in the water during hot summer days but rarely in October.

Police told the Wausau Daily Herald that as far as they know, the goose is still on the loose.

Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

My Poor Video Collection

Since home video first became available, I have been recording, well, stuff! I mean some of my VHS tapes go back to 1980! Some of these tapes have gone from three different apartments, two houses and a storage space. And worse than that, it seemed the stuff I would really like to keep now, I recorded in the dreaded 6-hour mode. Yikes!

Way back in the day, films I really liked I would record in the "High Quality" of 2 hour speed. Other stuff, TV specials and what not, I would stuff as much on a tape as I could. Now that has come to bit me in the ass. All those precious films I so carefully preserved, I now have a DVD. Those other things, which are much more interesting, are in such bad shape, I don't know if I will ever be able to recover.

So now I am on a quest to burn all these old tapes to DVD and get tide of the boxes and boxes of tapes.

It doesn't help that these tapes have been a in a garage for the last couple of years. The heat alone probably did a bunch of damage!

And how much is worth recovering? I have tapes of Dark Wing Duck and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I recorded for my kinds when they were small. Part of me wants to just pitch them into the garbage and the other half ponders the idea of burn them.

And then there were shows like, The Incredibly Strange Film show. No matter what I do, I just can;t seem to get those to play without all types of strange flipping and craziness. And I have every Doctor Who from when WTTW, Chicago's PBS station.

Much much more that I might never fully recover! Oh Well!

Coffee With Jeff 10-10-10

What's up with those new Burger King commercials? A film strip? Willy checks out Motorbikes and some new bands. Also, The shaft of History and Who Dat Artist! All this comic excitement on another addition of Coffee With Jeff!

Top Ten Toes and Huntington, Indiana

OK, I've been doing more research on how to attract visitors to my blog. One thing that keeps popping up is lists. Apparently lists attract visitors. People, from what I understand, like lists.

That being said, I'm going to list my top ten toes.

Now you understand I am not being lazy. If I was lazy, I would just list my top five toes, but, as we all know, the big toes on the left foot is different, and usually better, than the big toe on the right foot. So, here is goes, from 10 to number 1.

10 - 4th toe, left foot
9 - 4th toe, right foot
8 - 2nd toe, right foot
7 - 2nd toe, left foot
6 - Middle toe, right foot
5 - MIddle toe, left foot
4 - Little toe, left foot
3 - Little toe, right foot
2 - Big toe, right foot
1 - Big toe, left foot

If you really look at my list, you can see that it also shows my top five toes, if I would have done it the lazy way. I have to point out that I really can't justify whether the right or left came first. Really, when I think about it, I really can't justify why I picked one toe over another. What a complete waste of time this was. I should really thing about a list that actually is interesting.

Changing subjects, I'd like to write about a guy from Huntington, Indiana. Actually, I don;t know if it's a guy but I like to assume. It's easier to get mad if it is a guy. Look at this screen capture from my stat service. Visit Length 0 seconds!

Look, I know this is not the most exciting blog, but at least give it a look over. I mean, really!

I Keep Informed - Thanks Yahoo

Yes, I have to admit it. I keep up with all the news of the world from Yahoo.

Oh, I don't go to Yahoo News. No, no, no! I still use a Yahoo email, usually for when I need to use an address for a site that might give me tons of spam. So when I go to Yahoo you to get my email, the have a middle window that has the current news. I rarely actually click on actual story. I figure I get the jest of the story by reading the headline and the 10 word description.

Today for instance, I learned: How to save $1,000 in time for the holidays - These easy moves can keep you from going into debt when it's time to go gift shopping. One tip to save $484. Wait, I didn't actually learn how to save, since I didn't read the article, but I learned there is a way.

Just thought I'd share that.

Coffee Short - Perversion #1

An except from the classic, Perversion for Profit! More to come!

I Don't Eat at Burger King.

On of my pet peeves is stupid, what I call insulting, commercials. You know, these ads that treat you as if you are a brainless moron.

What about these new Burger King Ads!

Every time these come on television, with these "actors" walking down the street singing a stupid song, marching towards a fast food restaurant like a bunch on lemmings on their was to a cliff, I want to run to the bathroom a vomit violently.

OK, that is a little extreme.

I don't really like Burger King, but even if I did, I wouldn't eat there. It is a rule of mine. I use advertising to decide where to spend my money. If I feel the ad treats me like an intelligent adult, I will consider the product. If the ad treats me like a 2-year old, forget it.

Look, an ad has nothing at all to do with the product. Advertisements are created by smart people to attempt to trick you into buying whatever they are selling. If the ad is trying to convince you that an airline as great consumer service, it is because a advertising company has decided that is what they will sell, regardless of the truth.

Since I never, ever believe anything I see in commercials, I only have the intelligence level of the ads to make up my mind.

Someday I tell you about beer commercials, especially for Bud Light, and how they must thing beer drinkers are the biggest fools on the planet.

Coffee-Manchester Special

Today we look back at just how Terrence got himself into such as mess. This is the tail of the Manchester Gallery, known as the button saga, or the great blimp disaster, or the scramble egg controversy! Whatever you call it, this is The Best of Manchester Gallery!