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Well, I've spent the last year building this site up and are finally getting decent amount of traffic. So, of course, I've decided to move the site to a new location.


I find these blogspot sites way too limiting and there is so much I want to do with Sunday Morning Coffee that I just can't do on this site.

Oh, happy Thanksgiving!

Anyway, this will be my last post on this site. Hopefully by Monday you will be able to use


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Ladies, find out how to get your husband to get you a new home. Mark travels in time, Willy takes about death in Rock and Roll, and Jeff shows a bunch of old stuff. You laugh, maybe.

Cartoon Ducks and The New World Order

There comes a time when we much face facts. I will say I didn’t believe it until I read the What is the Pyramid blog. It’s the Illuminati and there attempts in infiltrate our culture. Can you believe it, in this age, we could be so blind as to not see how they are attempting to brainwash our children? And I let it happen to my kids!

If I had only known I would have shielded the minds of my two young impressionable kids before it was too late. Both of them are grown now. They are adults. Am I a bad parent for letting their eyes gaze at the Disney movie, Ducktales?

Yes folks, open your mind to the clues that are systematically being left behind by the Illuminati! The Illuminati, if you don’t know is the power behind the throne, not just for the U. S. of A. but also for the whole world (and maybe beyond that). They are the shadowy figures that are steering us all into the New World Order!

The site, What is the Pyramid, clearly shows three frames from the 1990 movie. The first frame clearly shows an airplane on its side, tumbling towards the ground. How could I have not seen that as a warning to the upcoming 9/11 tragedy. The next couple of frames shows several Illuminati symbols scattered around in the background. There is the pyramid with an eye in the center and another which is a representation of the Sun! Beyond those two, we see, well, nothing really.

Now I thought the eye was suppose to be the Eye of Osiris or the Eye of Horus being that this movie is a treasure hunt in Egypt, but I guess if you put that into a triangle, it becomes a Illuminati symbols. And the Sun! Oh, crap!

Come on now! This is a kid’s cartoon in which the artist filled the Egyptian scenery with pseudo- hieroglyphics and these so called Illuminati symbols are just what someone would use for such a purpose.

Here is the big question . . . WHY!

OK, here is this secret organization with plans to control the whole planet for their New World Order and they are going to leave stupid symbols in kid’s movies? To what end? What is the point of being a secret organization if you are going to advertise it? I wish someone could tell me what is their motive? Brainwashing? Right! Apparently they have been leaving these for years and I’m not brainwashed . . . or am I.

Do you think, after 9/11, they all looked at each other in their top secret meeting place and thought, “We warned them about this in the Ducktales flick!”

This reminds me of the paranoid rambles of a certain General Jack D. Ripper about the Communist conspiracy!

“Do you realize that fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous Communist plot we have ever had to face? Mandrake, do you realize that in addition to fluoridating water, why there are studies underway to fluoridate salt, flour, fruit juices, soup, sugar, milk... ice cream. Ice cream, Mandrake, children's ice cream.”

Coffee With Jeff - 11% New Stuff

Yes, we show more of those boring clips of our show from 2009, season 2, when we had no idea of what we were doing. 11% of this show is new material!

Ask Grim 2

Yes, Grim is back answering more of your questions. And you can ask death questions too. You can find him on Blip TV! Funny Stuff!

How Do I know When It's Love?

"Mom?", they young boy asks, looking up at his mother, "How do I know when love is real?"

"You'll just know." she says back with a warm smile.

10 Years Later . . .

Man accused of trying to run down ex-girlfriend after rejected marriage proposal was holding flowers at time of arrest, officials say

A Whittier man has been arrested for allegedly trying to run down his ex-girlfriend after she turned down his marriage proposal.

Officials said Francisco Hernandez, 22, was spotted walking down the street after the incident, carrying a bouquet of flowers.

He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, said Lt. Andrew Berg of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The incident took place Thursday afternoon at Burger Stop, a restaurant on Slauson Avenue in Pico Rivera, where Hernandez had proposed to the woman, Berg said.

Hernandez's car had the proposal “Stacy Will You Marry Me?” written on the back window of his car, according to reports.

"She said no. He was a little unhappy with that," Berg said.
Hernandez allegedly drove onto the sidewalk through some bushes and into the restaurant parking lot, narrowly missing the woman, Berg said. Hernandez then allegedly tried to drive away from the scene with two flat tires.

He left the car and ran off, but witnesses pointed out his car to deputies, officials said.

Deputies were heading to his house in Whittier, "then our helicopter guys spotted him walking down the street carrying a bouquet of flowers," Berg said.

Deputies provided the unidentified woman with victim-assistance information and details on how to file a restraining order, officials said.

The story comes from the Los Angeles Times Website. Oh, and I made up the conversation with Mom. That's just me guessing!

Death Comes to Town

Or so it would seem.

I'm not a huge fan of the cold, the snow or the short days but I can deal with it. There are some good things about winter was well. I love a hot cup of coffee right after I finish clearing the driveway and walks of the fallen white stuff. That's one. Hold on, I can think of some more . . .

Anyway, what I can't stand about this time of year is the bitching about this time of year. I know someone who every time I see them feels it neccessary to remind me of how much shw hates this time of year. Also 50 years of living in the area, you'd think they would have learned to deal with it, huh?

"Yes, I know, I know you hate winter. You hate the early sunset and late sunrise, you hate the snow, you hate the cold. This I know. You have made it painfully clear over and over and over again! Move somewhere else if you don't like it. No one says you have to live up in northern Illinois! Do whatever makes you happy, but just SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

That's what I would like to say. But, alas, I say nothing. I smile, nod and hope the conversation moves one.

So, What About this Learnin' Thing

When cable became to really boom in the 1980s or 1990s, a lot a great channels began to appear. There were many channels that were devoted to select areas. MTV was Music Television! Not so much anymore.

The one that gets me is The Learning Channel. Have you looked at today's line up?

County Jail: Oakland
I guess you can learn what to do if you ever go to prison! Hey kids, this could be you!

Police Women of Dallas
OK, if that is a career goal for any of you kids. Men don't apply. Isn't this just an excuse for guys to watch ladies on uniform?

Street Customs
This one is good learning for potential grease monkeys. Has a slight bit of learning for anyone who restores cars, I guess.

Home Made Simple
Hey, a bit of actual learning! A Home improvement show.

Bringing Home Baby
I think this is another "reality" show about a baby changing peoples lives. Um..OK The good news it is on 3 times today!

A Baby Story
A show about people dealing with the birth of their child. I don't see how this is entertaining or educational!

Pregnant for 46 Years
OK, there is a something to this, a lady carries around a baby inside her for 26 years. I guess the lesson learned it listen to your doctor!

Say Yes to the Dress
A guess this is a "Reality" show about a dress maker. Why is this interesting? As as far as learning????

Wedding Day Makeover
Seriously, if you watch this crap, you have a very boring life. Stop watching other people in their lives and get one of your own! And this show is on, and on and on during they day,

What Not to Wear
Fashion experts tell people what they feel comfortable in is wrong and people listen to these jerks. The lesson here, the way you think, feel and act is wrong and these self proclaimed "Experts" will tell you why, Hey kids, don't think for yourself!

Cake Boss
If you are interested in cake design, you can watch this, or one of the many shows like it. Personally, I think, it is just a freakin' cake. Stop taking it so seriously. Slap a little frosting on it and eat it up!

Four Weddings
Let's watch others get married and dream about that special day of are own. And let's hope things go wrong, because I love to laugh at others. Makes me feel good about my pathetic life!

The Weapon, A Rigid Feminine Pleasure Device

Some people think what makes the place you living in important is property values, or the schools. No, not really. It is not the shops or parks, nor the quality of the police or fire department. It is the people in your community that make it worth living in. I live in Gurnee, Illinois and it is the folks in this town that make it an ideal place for raising a family.

Take Carolee Bildsten, 56, of the 5300 block of David Court, for instance. According to the TribLocal.com, she has been charged by the police with assaulted an officer on Tuesday evening with “a rigid feminine pleasure device.” that is what Gurnee Police Cmdr. Jay Patrick called the weapon.

Allegedly she left Joe's Crap Shack without paying and that is how this whole thing started. When the police went to her home to investigate, is when she apparently “attacked” them with the sex toy.

Fox News reports the this lady has been in trouble before for not paying a restaurant tab and according to The Smoking Gun, she was arrested last September for drunken driving.

For those of you that think, “I glad we don't have people like that in our town”, your missing out. It is colorful folks like Carolee Bildsten that make Gurnee worth living in!

The Show Needs Help!

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Coffee With Jeff - Behind the Scene

A young man named Mark takes us behind the scenes of the show, Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff. He reveals some of the hidden secrets of what goes on during the making of an episode, including the truth about walking the dog!

Crazy Crazy World Part 2

Authorities: Florida woman, boyfriend tried to sell her grandson for $30,000

Associated Press
11/06/10 12:30 AM EDT

DAYTONA BEACH, FLA. — A Florida woman and her boyfriend have been charged with trying to sell her infant grandson for $30,000.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents arrested 45-year-old Patty Bigbee and 42-year-old Lawrence Works on Friday in Daytona Beach after they met with an agent posing as a buyer. Both were charged with illegal sale or surrender of a child, and Bigbee was also charged with communication fraud.

FDLE agent Wayne Ivey said an investigation began last month after an informant told authorities the woman was trying to sell the baby. Authorities say the woman originally wanted $75,000 but was talked down to $30,000.

The child's mother is currently incarcerated on unrelated charges.

The infant has been turned over to child welfare officials.

Authorities said they didn't know if Bigbee or Works had an attorney.

Coffee Short - How to be Popular #1

This is from a short, public domain film called, "How to be Popular". Have things changed that much, or has life never been this way?

Joan Crawford was Creepy

Random Thoughts on Joan Crawford

I've watched two Joan Crawford films over the Halloween weekend, Berserk and Strait-Jacket.

It seems later in Joan's career she was only allowed to act in crazy horror films. I believe there is good reason for this. She was one scary looking lady. Something about that harsh face just screamed evil. Whether she was or not is a matter of some debate.

Of course there is the whole Mommy Dearest thing. I have read quite a lot on both sides of t he fence. Was she the bad, crazy parent that was portrayed in the film and book or was Christina Crawford a spoiled brat, who couldn't handle things when they didn't do her own way? No one can say. I would think a little of both. I mean, just as the book was a cruel bit of vengeance on Christina part, so was Joan leaving her and Christopher nothing in her will "reasons which are well known to them."

It is always hard to say, looking back, what is real and was in fiction. The human brain in really a horrible information unit. Just ask five people to right down events of a week earlier and you will probably get five different stories. People are not necessarily lying, they believe what they are saying, but the mind record keeping is not an accurate one.

Anyway, back to Joan and her creepiness. I watched Johnny Guitar a few weeks back, and that wasn't even a horror film, and yet there was something creepy about her.

The fun part about these later film is that, her career was such on a down-curve that she is trying very hard, so hard that the over acting is really hysterically funny. Watch Strait-Jacket for a great example of this.

This reminds me that Blue Oyster Cult had a song on one of their later albums called "Joan Crawford has Risen from the Grave."

Halloween - The Day After!

All is quiet now. There are no gangs of children roaming the streets, looking for free handouts. Not anymore. They had to stop before the Sun set. Those are the rules here is Gurnee.

The sun has just risen and I am sitting with Ally by my side, watching Peter Lorre. He has just attached new hands to Colin Clive, a pianist who's hands were amputated after a nasty trains accident. Of course, being a Halloween film shown on Turner Classic Movies, those hands belong to a killer, and not Clive has all types of problems.

Ally is my dog.

I DVR'd a bunch or classic horror films this weekend, and now are watching the ones I didn't get to over the weekend. Peter Lorre in a wonderful mad doctor.

The candy! What about the candy! Not too many children this year, so we have plenty left over. Is this a good thing?

The reception of yesterday's Coffee with Jeff was a bit of a disappointment. I worked harder on that episode than any other. I thought it turned out fantastic and expected a few more comments that I recieved. The Manchester Gallery was exceptional and Willy did a great season end piece. We will see how the week goes.

Anyway, now we have two months to try to put together some idea's for season 3.