20 Cups of Coffee

Jeff puts himself on the line when he attempts to drink 20 cups of coffee in 20 minutes. Willy continues his search for a new On The Road vehicle. Phoebe the Philosopher Cat takes on the universe and Terry interviews author Susan Kaye Quinn about her new book Open Minds. all this and more on the comedy show known as Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff!

Coffee And Nature

Early morning in the cold woods looking for nature! We look at chicken, eggs, DinoChickens, used cars, comic books and more. Check out all the laughs with Willy, Fritz, Phoebe and Jeff. Warning, this show contains laughs, music, cats, old men, snow, car shopping and a scary monster. Can you guess the celebrity on "It's Not Fred" and what I learned form the movies!

Balloons or Saucers - UFOs

Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? What really happened? Car shopping with Willy but who is going to pay for it? Phoebe asks the question, Did curiosity kill that cat? In this funny show, UFO's, Flying Saucers, mystery, cats and cars. Also a special addition of "What's My Crime" about a 66 year-old grandmother who gets busted for something in her garden.

We Predict the Future!

New Year or Last Year?

Did the Mayan's really predict the end of the world this year? Does anyone really know? Jeff thinks he does. Willy goes on the road to check out Muddle of Mud and Phoebe thinks about the New Year! All this and a special greetings from Terry. So sit back and have a laugh and cup of coffee with Jeff and the gang.