The Last Few Drops of Coffee

Jeff Makes Coffee

Due to the fact I couldn’t do the show I wanted, I present a show about the making of a Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff episode.. Along the way, we have some clips of past shows including a few shots from the first couple of Saturday Morning Coffee with Jeff shows. Willy checks out the music of some old friends, Goin’ South, Phoebe and Terry does a interview with Marian Manseau Cheatham' about her new book, Merely Dee. THe Show is a little long this week, but there is a intermission half way throught, so deal!

The Lost Civilization

Coffee With Answers!

So why does Jeff do this show every week? Is there a secret that he never told anyone before? And why does he promote the shows the way he does? And why no montage sequences? Willy Goes On the Road to the Brat Stop in Wisconsin to see Black Tide and Phoebe goes deep to talk about God! For the musicians watching, how about some advice from Thelonious Monk! This week it’s Comedy and the truth.