Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep13

The comedy begins as the show is hi-jacked by Mark and his clones. Willy goes on the road for some a little acoustic music and we have part 2 of Survivor Woman. Of course we have Who Dat Artist and much more laughs!

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep12

Jeff solves one of his life's mysteries. We visit everyone's favorite old geezer, Fritz Willoughby. A new segment battles band against band and of course Who Dat Artist. And as an added bonus, we begin our 4 part mini-series, Survivor Woman. Let the comedy begin!

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep11 - Melba Toast

What the heck is Melba toast? This is one of the deep questions that Jeff asks with a bit of humor. Ace reporter Terry plans on going to Ireland with Willy. Speaking of Willy, he goes On The Road to see a local Rock and Roll band. Also, I am not a roll model but I will let you know the secret of the success of Sunday Morning Coffee With Jeff. Try not to laugh to hard.

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep10

Are you ready to laugh? It's time for the first Annual Terry Awards! Who will be bringing home the statue this year? Jeff and Willy try to talk via Skype! Ben Franklin gives away some of his secrets of selling. Our Dumb-Ass falls for an internet scam and we have another Who Dat Artist in another funny Sunday Morning Coffee