In this episode of Sunday Morning Coffee, more on the photography contest, Willy eats Crayfish with Lisa finding out about the clones. What happened to the end of the word? Was Harold Camping wrong, again? What about Dorothy Martin in 1954? Find out how to download a song me Metal Mother and much more. Well a few things more. like the Wild Women of Wongo.

Monkey Wrench Throwing Time

Sunday Morning Coffee presents ;Monkey Wrench Throwing Time! Terry hangs out outside

Oh No! A Clip Show

No time for a show this week, so instead we'll look back at some of the best bits from this year. I'm in it as well. Hope you'll find it a little funny. Personally, I wouldn't watch it. I had to because I edited it but if I had a choice, I would have watched a baseball game. GO BULLS!

Cloneheads Chapter 2

How many Willy's does the world need? Will Lisa find out? Check out Part 2 of Cloneheads. In this exciting episode, Willy goes On The Road to see Three Days Grace!

The Fun Time Bubblegum Hour

This is not and all singing and dancing show. Jeff tells a joke and talks about The Road Runner cartoons. We go On The Road with Willy for part 2 of Cloneheads. Can you figure out who is that Artist? And, of course, The Great American Dumb-Ass! This is another attempt at comedy!

Old Days with Fritz #5

Our favorite old geezer, Fritz Willoughby, get a little creepy this week as he has his eyes set on a girl named Julie who works at the local grocery store.

A Castle in Wisconsin

The Coffee with Jeff crew takes a ride to the state of cheese called Wisconsin

Sexual Frustration CWJ-18

Are you Sexual Frustrated? Well than, don't come here, we can't help you. This is another episode of the comic talk show called Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff. In this humorous episode, we visit with Fritz Willoughby, an old geezer looking for love. Also, what is that talking in the book store?