Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep5

Willy gets some footage of a new rock band! An old timer named Fritz Willoughby let's us know what's wrong with the world. Peter takes bartending school and I pick the winner of the Oscars. ; Also, Who Dat Artist, American Dumb-Ass ans much more.

What's With Terry #2

Terry uses the sharp edge of satire to mock local officials for messing up his front lawn. From last weeks Coffee with Jeff!

willy-The Tibetin Memory Trick

Can Willy recite the complete Tibetan Memory Trick?

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep4

After a little Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers talk, Terry looks at some modern art in his neighborhood. Willy attempts to say the The Tibetan Memory Trick. All this and we pick our daily winner and another Who Dat Artist! How much fun, comedy and coffee can we put into one show!

Coffee With Jeff - Decaffinated!

Can Jeff to a show without caffeine? What is the big new that Terry has for Jeff? Willy's agent, Lisa, attempts to negotiate a new deal. We also have a correct entry in Who is that artist and the spinning wheel gives us another winner in "Who Wants To Be a Winner!" All this with the usual humor that makes Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff so special!

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep2 - Office Safety

On this thrilling show, Jeff has found something he read in the paper that he wants to share with you. Willy goes On The Road to Durty Nellies to check out Uriah Heep and we send our roving reporter to the Chicago River to find American Bald Eagles. It's a laugh a minute with Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff!

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep1

It's 2011, Jeff is back and is humor as as lame as ever. Recored in a coffee shop in Gurnee, Illinois, the jokes are not any funnier than last year. Meet new Roving Reporter and see What's Up With Terry, Be as cool as Jeff and Who Is The Artist! Do you want to laugh? Hey it might happen!