60 Cups of Coffee - Short

On Coffee with Jeff a while back I showed a trailer for a film called 60 Cups of Coffee. I had no information about this film, I just stumbled across the trailer while looking around YouTube. It turns out is was a short, 8 minute film, a very interesting one, that you can find on YouTube.

Directed by David Andrew Ward and Writen by Robbie McCallum, this short film stars Jerry Broome, Kelley West, John Cadenhead, Larry Purtell, Bill Flynn, Julia Park, Kyle Infante and Mathew Greer.

Happy Holiday from Jeff

Whatever you celebrate this time of year, the while staff at Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff wishes you a happy one.

Coffee With Jeff Season 2 update

I've bot been posting to Coffee With Jeff in any timely nature. The fact is, I am getting ready for season two, which will be coming January 3. A good friend and wonderful artist, Dave Metzger, is in the process of creating a logo for me. This is version 2.

Lego Jeff is Coming

It's Coming Soon!

1# Vlog Husten und Zensurbalken

So, I went looking for something interesting for this morning and I was looking a video blogs on YouTube. I came across this one. Immediately I realized I don't understand a thing this girl was saying. Why? She German! "Next!" I thought.

Wait! As I watched, I found myself being fascinated. There apartment could use a little cleaning and I did hear her mention Harry Potter. Check it out, it's only a couple of minutes long.

Oh, and there is nothing to do with coffee in this blog.


Too Much Coffee - A film

This is a nice short film from the MulveHill Pictures. They are a group of students who are doing comedy. Trust me, you'll really enjoy it!

Keep Me Up, Coffee on Ukulele

This is part of the Ukulele Underground. A girl named Abby, known as YouTube as AG3716 who wrote "My entry to CoffeeMate and CoffeeJunkee's Ukulele Coffee Coffee Contest. This is also my very first video and thus, my first ukulele video contest. I'm not much a singer and I haven't been playing the ukulele for too long, either, but hope you enjoy anyway! :)"

A Song about the Importance of coffee

I was searching around Digg when I came across this song. It is in French, but it doesn't matter, the meaning is there and anyone who drinks coffee and works in a cubicle will relate. Enjoy this wonderful coffee song! It's called "Les mefaits du cafe" and the YouTube discription says "le café rend fou Crédits à S. marguerite & E tarascou (anim) Oldelag et Mr D (chanson)"


No Coffee Show today

This is my first weekend since back in early February that I am not producing a weekend "Coffee with Jeff" episode. New shows will begin on January 3. It will be every other week, giving me more time to produce a better show.

I'm still looking for people to contribute. Email me if you are interested. Underbelly5@gmail.com.


Don't blame the Coffee

See, this is just the kind of thing that gives coffee a bad name. Every anti-coffee group out there is going to pick this story up and before you know it, the media will be all over it. This will be followed by a stupid knee-jerk reaction from some politician looking to gain a few votes.

Look, I'm all for the safety of teachers, I really am. Back in my school days, I remember a few that I actually liked. Yes, the well-being of our education system is at stake. I realize that, but at the expense of coffee? Look, seriously, we start making laws against coffee and what will that lead up to? Think about it. Millions of overly cranky people sitting in traffic without their morning brew. You just think about the consequences!

So write you local politician and demand the right to drink coffee in the morning.

Remember, Coffee doesn't kill people, people kill people!

Coffee with Steve Adams

Don't know who these people are or what this is about. I do know that I see a bass guitar and a cup of coffee, so that's all right. On youtube, it is written, "Zach and Steve discuss coffee among other things, after Zach sneaks up on Steve w/ his new handheld camcorder." I guess that says it all.


Beelzebub the Hamster Cartoon

I always like to recommend original entertainment on the internet,Found this real entertaining cartoon. It'd from Keentoons and is pretty funny.

A Biased History of Coffee

I used a small section of this video blog on Coffee With Jeff. It's from a young man who has a channel on YouTube called HomeStarRunnerTron. He list his name as Skye and he's 16 years old. This is not your normal history of coffee, entertaining, bizzare and sometimes hard to understand.

Caffeine Addiction Part 1

There are so many things wrong with this video. First, what is that this girl says she is drinking? That's not coffee! Hey lady, here is Uncle Jeff's advice. First, get a automatic drip coffee maker, preferably one that grinds beans, by some 8 O'Clock coffee (Abviously beans if you have a grinder, ground coffee if you don't. Next, MAKE YOU OUN FREAK'N COFFEE!

She titled this video "Slave To Starbucks - My Caffeine Addiction" Slave to Starbucks, yes, Caffeine addiction - no.

Frank Sinatra's The Coffee Song on Ukulele

What happens if you put three great things together, Coffee, Sinatra and the Ukulele! You get this, which was part of the YouTube CoffeeMate and CoffeeJunkee's contest.