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Funny Face Drink Mix Ad

In 1964, Kool-Aid was king of the powered drink mixes, so Pillsbury came out with it's own drink mix called Funny Face. The thing was, Funny Face was pre-sweetened, first with this calcium cyclamate, which unfortunately gave rate cancer, then saccharine. They also had unsweetened versions, like Kool-Aid.

The drink flavors were all given funny characters and names, some not so politally correct, like Injun Orange and Chinese Cherry. These names were soon changed.

Eventually Pillsbury sold Funny Face and another smaller company who eventually discontinued the product.

A Coffee Outtake

I don't usually post outtakes, but I thought I'd do it this time as attempt to adjust a light and dump over the camera. I just caught it before it smashed to the ground.

Vintage Diary Queen Ad

This was another clip provided to Coffee with Jeff by my friend Pam! It's a old Daily Queen ad

The Adv of Spunky and Tadpole

A old cartoon from 1958. For more information on this cartoon, I found a site called Toon Tracker that has some good information.

Keep Your Hands To Yourself Performed by Goin' South

Another Friend of Coffee with Jeff, Goin' South performs the classic, The Georgia Satellites' Keep Your Hands To Yourself! Played this on a trailer being towed down routes 31 and 120 in McHenry, IL on 7/22/07 after performing in the McHenry Fiesta Days Parade.

Brats On The Way to Starbucks

I know I am going to be in danger of coming off as a old, angry man who does not understand the younger generation, but that is because I am an old, angry man who does not understand the younger generation. Anyway, whether these kids are too young to be drinking coffee is not the question. The Question is, do they really need a "coffee fix"? I don;t think so. In fact, these kids look like they need a good kick to the ass.

Slim Rughead and the Texas Hangover

A great folk rock band in Chicago and friends of Coffee With Jeff. This Jack London, video taped at from Martyr's in Chicago on 08/24/08

The Eight Beer Challenge

We've started a YouTube channel called CoffeeSundayMorning. I know the name sucks but every good one I tried was taken. This is not a Channel for complete Coffee with Jeff episodes, but for selected segments. I thought I like a few up here as well. I know the half hour show might be a bit too long for a lot of people.

Here is the first installment of The 8 Beer Challenge in which we find out of our guest has the good taste in Beer he thought he or she had. Todays guest is Mike!

Coffee with Jeff 1-24-2010

Part 1 - Anklebone Stories, On the Road with Willy and More

Part 2 - Manchester Gallery, 8 Beer Challenge and silliness

The Meatmen - Rock & Roll Juggernaut FREE DOWNLOAD!

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Broken Hearted Toy - Terry's Rock and Roll blog

The Free Sound Project - A lot of sounds we use come from here!

Okemos Brewing Internet Radio - Rock and Roll Deep Cuts!

Zecom Radi0 Internet Rock and Roll Radio with Marty!
Enforcer Music - Chicago's Premere Heavy Metal Band

Slim Rughead and the Texas Hangover - Great Music

Goin' South - Southern Rock and Roll

Willinois Nation

Wicked Whimsy Studios - The Art of Dave Mezger!

Insomnia With Donald Duck

I used a small section of this Wilding Picture Production Film is the last edition of Coffee With Jeff. It is called Combat Fatigue: Insomnia (1945). What I find amusing is the way all the sailors find Donald Duck so funny. I mean, sure it's all right, but, well, watch this and you'll see what I mean.

And yes, that is Dick York from the classic 1960's series Bewitched!

What’s going on with Coffee?

You might have noticed that I have not been blogging much lately. Hopefully that should change as of next week.

The deal was; I was hoping during the month of December, I would be able to get a bunch of ideas off the ground for Coffee With Jeff. You know, December is a bad time for trying to get ideas off the ground. Between the holidays, my son coming into town, and various other family and non-family matter, most of my time was spoken for. To add to that, my trusty laptop, the little Apple G4 iBook that I’ve edited all 2009 Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff episodes, died. It was not a quick and painless death. It was one of those, “maybe there is hope” type deaths, in which small rays of hope for the little computers recovery kept stringing me along. Eventually, the truth revealed it’s ugly head and I had to admit the defeat!

So, being as broke as I always am (buy a mug or T-shirt from Zazzle, please), I bought an older G4 iMac (The desk lamp type) from eBay for a couple hundred bucks that should be perfect for Video editing.

The premiere of the second season of Coffee, which was suppose to be on January 3rd, was delayed to January 10th and was not the premiere I was hoping for. If you watched the show, and I’m hoping you did, it was still in the same style as season one. The only bright side was I got to work with my Son, who co-hosted the show. We had a lot of fun doing that, even if it took to complete takes to get it. The only downside was he left the next day to head back to Virginia and was a car accident on the way home, totaling his car. Luckily, he was OK, just a few bumps and bruises.

Sunday’s show will be a step in the right direction, and I’m hoping this is the first step in the evolving the show into the one I ma envisioning for the future, Like always, let me know your thoughts, complaints, suggestions and idea! Like always, if you want to be a part of the show, let me know.

Sunday Morning Coffee 1-10-10

Coffee With Jeff is back! Yep, this is part one.

And this is Part 2!

New Coffee Mugs!