Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep9

So you want to laugh? For the 9th episode of the season, we have a special Great American Dumb-Ass, Willy goes off the road to the kitchen? Fritz is back with something on his mind (of course). Only one correct entry in Who's That Artist and we read some viewer mail. We go Hell Bent for Leather in this last, funny show for February! From Gurnee, Illinois

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And Junebug's Musings

Sunday Morning Coffee Season3 Show 8 Short

This is something new I thought I'd try. This is last weeks show cut down to under 10 minutes. You can find the full version at ; Jeff talks baout his long week, tt's comedy at it most mediocre! Willy checks out a

On The Road with Willy - Deep 6

Willy checks out this local band with a familiar face

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep8

It's been a bad week and let Jeff bore you as he talks about it. It's comedy at it most mediocre! Willy checks out a Rock and Roll band called Deep 6. Also, Dick York learns how to relax and sleep. Of course we have a Who Dat Artist and Tales of The Common Sense Impaired. Coffee with Jeff Might not be Hilarious or even semi-amusing, but it is something to do as you drink your coffee.

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep7

Another comedy show starts out a little old school with a bit of 1940 detective movie look. Once that bit of self-indulgence is over, Jeff tries to sell the show to AOL (Since they bought the Huffington Post. The Answers to last weeks Who's That Artist is reveled as well as a new one. The Great American Dumb-Ass has two entrees and Willy spends all the shows money buying shirts for all the patrons of a local club and Jeff in the only one not laughing,

On the Road - C-Factor

This week, Willy and his film crew check out a party band called C-Factor.

The Roving Reporter, Squirrels & The Superbowl

There is a way to pick the Superbowl winner. What you need is an expert in reading squirrel. At least that is what Terry tells me.

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep6

Caution - First minute contains1 bad word! Also, Jeff announces his new product, Terry looks to nature to pick a Superbowl winner. Will goes to see the band C-Factor. Also we check out a cartoon about Freedom, have another Great American Dumb-Ass and can you figure out Who is the Artist! All this, with Sunday Morning Coffee's usual comedy!

On the Road with Willy - Music Spy

This week, Willy sends Lisa out to spy on a new band during rehearsal. From last weeks Sunday Morning Coffee With Jeff.

Old Days with Fritz

Meet the newest member of the Sunday Morning Coffee Team, Fritz Willoughby. He'll let you know what is wrong with the world today. From Last weeks Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff!