Holiday Special

A Beaker Full of Death

Bigfoot? Really? I've got some news for you. All the plastic bottles America uses can stretch around the world 190 times? Really Can we do better? We go Hanging with the Hollies with Terry, On the Road with Willy, Phoebe will blow your mind and more!

Sunday Morning Coffee in Space

Past Present and Future

The fact and fiction about cave people, Phoebe contemplates the idea of being big, more of what Willy wouldn’t do and a mistake creates a Giant Head! Also, a visit with Brian from Milwaukee and Pete has his NFL game of the week.

Ugly Duckling by Jungle Fever

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A Zombie Thankgiving

The Wizard of Java

Bring Sexy Back to Coffee

Mold and Music!

Coloring Book Pages

Just a reminder, the Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff Coloring Book Pages are available at our other site Coffee With Jeff

It's Halloween

Grocery Store Blues

Do you find getting out of the grocery store frustrating? Was Johnny Cash spotted alive in Ireland? Really? You mind might get blowed by the Philosophy of Pheobe the Cat and here deep, insightful wisdom. You know, winter in coming but that is OK! And check out my most recent zombie footage. This weeks featured song "Tiny Circle" by Wolf People! Comedy, music, excitement and much more!

No Peace Prize

Is This Dog a Joke?

Sunday Morning Coffee - Season 4

Coffee Cantata - Sunday Morning Coffee 29

Wake up with music and comedy have a cup of coffee with Jeff, Willy and Terry. Why don't Lexus cars have turn signals? What makes Jeff tick? Will Willy make his fortune at Arlington Park Horse Race Track? Why he's there, he might see a little Rock and Roll with "The Prom Band". The News of the Not So Bright features a drunk mayor and, of course, What's My Crime? All this and the film classic, The Nasty Rabbit (1964)

A Good Reason to Get Up

No Show This Week

No Show this week as I'll be out of town. Be back next week!

Coffee Noir - Sunday Morning coffee 27

Today, Jeff's long 4th of July weekend, featuring The Beatles (cover band), Led Zeppelin (cover band), Johnny Cash (cover band), an 80's band going Bon Jovi and the real Blue Oyster Cult. Willy goes on the road and he watches The Beatles (cover band), and we get part 6 of Cloneheads. All this plus the News and What's My Crime? Coffee with Jeff, Rock and Roll, Crime and Comedy.

Reasonably Content

Jeff goes on the road to a forest preserve to tell a joke. See some clips of the 1965 classic, The Eye Creatures! Terry has an idea to protect your home from burglars! Driving tips from Jeff! All this and so much more comedy!

On The Road to Modern Day Romeos

Willy arrives home to see the damage the clones have done and then check s out Modern Day Romeos at Blarney Island a mile off-shore in Antioch, IL!

My Naked Feet

Another thrilling episode of Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff is which Jeff does something he has never done before. Willy finds out some shocking news about the clones and checks out Modern Day Romeos. We watch the trailer for The Man Who Fell to Earth and much more! You just might laugh!

Cloneheads 1-4

Here is an update of the Cloneheads. This seem to be getting out of hand
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Morning of the Squirrel

Can Someone explain Kim Kardashian without laughing? Can I make a Baseball Bat from the log I found? How will Terry afford his Gazebo concerts? All these questions will be answered with human and fun.. On todays show, we will also have The News, What's My Crime? A silly joke, Our Photography contest, a songs by Deadlands and some live music by the Hoodoo Blues Band!

Yes, it is my fault

No Show this week.

I've got so many things to do this week, I wouldn't have time to put together anything worth watching. Feel free to view any of the past shows from 2011 or even 2010. You can't view any shows from 2012, as that year has not happened yet and I have not perfected my time machine.

Also, if you want a good laugh, go to this site

It Is Good To Mock - Click Here

The News With Jeff 6-13-11

This week we have a ATM serviceman who helps himself to some cash, a alligator in Kansas City MO, A cross dressing man and more. Can you guess the charges in What's My Crime?

The Old and Wiser Show

What was the name of that bird? What do some people and slinkys have in common? Is Jeff really turning 50? What are Willy's clones up too? We have music, comedy, candles and more! Music by Avenged Sevenfold and Jump Into The Gospel. Featuring clips of the 1966 film Bloodbath.

On The Road with Willy 5-31-11

Willy goes on the road t eat Crawfish Eatin' but before he arrives, he finally tells Lisa the truth about the clones. And in a bonus episode, Willy attempts to eat a deep fried Twinkee.

The News with Jeff 6-6-11

Another news cast featuring stories of stupid criminals. New this wee - What's my crime!

The Fast and the Caffeinated!

Bad drivers, Hot Rod GIrl, What's up with Terry, Stupid people in the news, deep fried Twinkies, and What's the crime. All this and a joke! What more could you want? So have a cup of coffee with Jeff, Terry and Willy.


In this episode of Sunday Morning Coffee, more on the photography contest, Willy eats Crayfish with Lisa finding out about the clones. What happened to the end of the word? Was Harold Camping wrong, again? What about Dorothy Martin in 1954? Find out how to download a song me Metal Mother and much more. Well a few things more. like the Wild Women of Wongo.

Monkey Wrench Throwing Time

Sunday Morning Coffee presents ;Monkey Wrench Throwing Time! Terry hangs out outside

Oh No! A Clip Show

No time for a show this week, so instead we'll look back at some of the best bits from this year. I'm in it as well. Hope you'll find it a little funny. Personally, I wouldn't watch it. I had to because I edited it but if I had a choice, I would have watched a baseball game. GO BULLS!

Cloneheads Chapter 2

How many Willy's does the world need? Will Lisa find out? Check out Part 2 of Cloneheads. In this exciting episode, Willy goes On The Road to see Three Days Grace!

The Fun Time Bubblegum Hour

This is not and all singing and dancing show. Jeff tells a joke and talks about The Road Runner cartoons. We go On The Road with Willy for part 2 of Cloneheads. Can you figure out who is that Artist? And, of course, The Great American Dumb-Ass! This is another attempt at comedy!

Old Days with Fritz #5

Our favorite old geezer, Fritz Willoughby, get a little creepy this week as he has his eyes set on a girl named Julie who works at the local grocery store.

A Castle in Wisconsin

The Coffee with Jeff crew takes a ride to the state of cheese called Wisconsin

Sexual Frustration CWJ-18

Are you Sexual Frustrated? Well than, don't come here, we can't help you. This is another episode of the comic talk show called Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff. In this humorous episode, we visit with Fritz Willoughby, an old geezer looking for love. Also, what is that talking in the book store?

Old Days with Fritz #4

What do you find funny? Chances are, it's not the same thing Fritz Willoughby finds funny. Check out the 4th installment of Old Days.

The Castle of Sex and Blood CWJ-17

This week we bring you The Castle of Sex and Blood. OK, so there is no sex or blood in this episode, but you will see a couple of castles and plenty of laughs. Willy (or is it?) checks out some bad dancing, Jeff visits 6 castles in the midwest area and what about the dancing tooth?

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep16

Remember the Film Noir classic Detour from 1945? Of course you don't. No one does. That's why I'm going to show you a few clips. Why? Because if I didn't break up the comedy a little, you might die laughing! Fritz Willoughby is in the house with his comments on modern humor, as well as Who Dat Artist and a promo for the new show!

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep15 The Big Announcement!

Jeff has some breaking news but before that, the comedy begins as he goes off on McDonald's drive through! Willy goes Ont he Road to Deep 6, and the final episode of Survivor Women. And the the BIG Announcement!

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep14 - Cassandra's trouble

Jeff's back this week and as humorous and exciting as he's ever been. Is that good or bad? You be the judge! The third addition of survivor woman is featured as well as What's with Terry as he takes a new Facebook photo. Also, watch the story of Pert and pretty high school teen Cassandra Leigh and her drug addiction!

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep13

The comedy begins as the show is hi-jacked by Mark and his clones. Willy goes on the road for some a little acoustic music and we have part 2 of Survivor Woman. Of course we have Who Dat Artist and much more laughs!

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep12

Jeff solves one of his life's mysteries. We visit everyone's favorite old geezer, Fritz Willoughby. A new segment battles band against band and of course Who Dat Artist. And as an added bonus, we begin our 4 part mini-series, Survivor Woman. Let the comedy begin!

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep11 - Melba Toast

What the heck is Melba toast? This is one of the deep questions that Jeff asks with a bit of humor. Ace reporter Terry plans on going to Ireland with Willy. Speaking of Willy, he goes On The Road to see a local Rock and Roll band. Also, I am not a roll model but I will let you know the secret of the success of Sunday Morning Coffee With Jeff. Try not to laugh to hard.

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep10

Are you ready to laugh? It's time for the first Annual Terry Awards! Who will be bringing home the statue this year? Jeff and Willy try to talk via Skype! Ben Franklin gives away some of his secrets of selling. Our Dumb-Ass falls for an internet scam and we have another Who Dat Artist in another funny Sunday Morning Coffee

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep9

So you want to laugh? For the 9th episode of the season, we have a special Great American Dumb-Ass, Willy goes off the road to the kitchen? Fritz is back with something on his mind (of course). Only one correct entry in Who's That Artist and we read some viewer mail. We go Hell Bent for Leather in this last, funny show for February! From Gurnee, Illinois

Check Out It's Good to Mock
And Junebug's Musings

Sunday Morning Coffee Season3 Show 8 Short

This is something new I thought I'd try. This is last weeks show cut down to under 10 minutes. You can find the full version at ; Jeff talks baout his long week, tt's comedy at it most mediocre! Willy checks out a

On The Road with Willy - Deep 6

Willy checks out this local band with a familiar face

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep8

It's been a bad week and let Jeff bore you as he talks about it. It's comedy at it most mediocre! Willy checks out a Rock and Roll band called Deep 6. Also, Dick York learns how to relax and sleep. Of course we have a Who Dat Artist and Tales of The Common Sense Impaired. Coffee with Jeff Might not be Hilarious or even semi-amusing, but it is something to do as you drink your coffee.

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep7

Another comedy show starts out a little old school with a bit of 1940 detective movie look. Once that bit of self-indulgence is over, Jeff tries to sell the show to AOL (Since they bought the Huffington Post. The Answers to last weeks Who's That Artist is reveled as well as a new one. The Great American Dumb-Ass has two entrees and Willy spends all the shows money buying shirts for all the patrons of a local club and Jeff in the only one not laughing,

On the Road - C-Factor

This week, Willy and his film crew check out a party band called C-Factor.

The Roving Reporter, Squirrels & The Superbowl

There is a way to pick the Superbowl winner. What you need is an expert in reading squirrel. At least that is what Terry tells me.

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep6

Caution - First minute contains1 bad word! Also, Jeff announces his new product, Terry looks to nature to pick a Superbowl winner. Will goes to see the band C-Factor. Also we check out a cartoon about Freedom, have another Great American Dumb-Ass and can you figure out Who is the Artist! All this, with Sunday Morning Coffee's usual comedy!

On the Road with Willy - Music Spy

This week, Willy sends Lisa out to spy on a new band during rehearsal. From last weeks Sunday Morning Coffee With Jeff.

Old Days with Fritz

Meet the newest member of the Sunday Morning Coffee Team, Fritz Willoughby. He'll let you know what is wrong with the world today. From Last weeks Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff!

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep5

Willy gets some footage of a new rock band! An old timer named Fritz Willoughby let's us know what's wrong with the world. Peter takes bartending school and I pick the winner of the Oscars. ; Also, Who Dat Artist, American Dumb-Ass ans much more.

What's With Terry #2

Terry uses the sharp edge of satire to mock local officials for messing up his front lawn. From last weeks Coffee with Jeff!

willy-The Tibetin Memory Trick

Can Willy recite the complete Tibetan Memory Trick?

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep4

After a little Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers talk, Terry looks at some modern art in his neighborhood. Willy attempts to say the The Tibetan Memory Trick. All this and we pick our daily winner and another Who Dat Artist! How much fun, comedy and coffee can we put into one show!

Coffee With Jeff - Decaffinated!

Can Jeff to a show without caffeine? What is the big new that Terry has for Jeff? Willy's agent, Lisa, attempts to negotiate a new deal. We also have a correct entry in Who is that artist and the spinning wheel gives us another winner in "Who Wants To Be a Winner!" All this with the usual humor that makes Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff so special!

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep2 - Office Safety

On this thrilling show, Jeff has found something he read in the paper that he wants to share with you. Willy goes On The Road to Durty Nellies to check out Uriah Heep and we send our roving reporter to the Chicago River to find American Bald Eagles. It's a laugh a minute with Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff!

Sunday Morning Coffee S3-Ep1

It's 2011, Jeff is back and is humor as as lame as ever. Recored in a coffee shop in Gurnee, Illinois, the jokes are not any funnier than last year. Meet new Roving Reporter and see What's Up With Terry, Be as cool as Jeff and Who Is The Artist! Do you want to laugh? Hey it might happen!