Rock'em Sock'em Robots Commercial

I used this commercial for Rock'em Sock'em Robots in the latest Sunday Morning Coffee With Jeff. I believe I edited it down a tad, so I thought I'd put the full commercial with a little information about this iconic toy.

Originally designed in 1964 by Marvin Glass and Associates, a Chicago based toy design and engineering firm, it was later acquired by Tyco Toys, and Tyco Toys was acquired in 1997 by Mattel, Inc, which still sells the toy.

The name of the robots are the "Red Rocker" and the "Blue Bomber" and are controlled by a pair of joystick style controllers. Rock'em Sock'em Robots is a two player game in which the object is to hit the head of the opponents robot in just the right place to make it's head "pop" off.


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