Don't blame the Coffee

See, this is just the kind of thing that gives coffee a bad name. Every anti-coffee group out there is going to pick this story up and before you know it, the media will be all over it. This will be followed by a stupid knee-jerk reaction from some politician looking to gain a few votes.

Look, I'm all for the safety of teachers, I really am. Back in my school days, I remember a few that I actually liked. Yes, the well-being of our education system is at stake. I realize that, but at the expense of coffee? Look, seriously, we start making laws against coffee and what will that lead up to? Think about it. Millions of overly cranky people sitting in traffic without their morning brew. You just think about the consequences!

So write you local politician and demand the right to drink coffee in the morning.

Remember, Coffee doesn't kill people, people kill people!


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