Oh No! A Clip Show

No time for a show this week, so instead we'll look back at some of the best bits from this year. I'm in it as well. Hope you'll find it a little funny. Personally, I wouldn't watch it. I had to because I edited it but if I had a choice, I would have watched a baseball game. GO BULLS!


Bill Y said...

Stay away from that decaf Jeff, especially when negotiating contacts. It can only lead to misjudgment and mass confusion. Next come the hallucinations and before you know it, you have an the opinion that Bon Jovi produce actual music. I know because I've been there and drank the decaf. I won't recant the story here but lets just say the world looks a lot worse without caffeine. A couple of cups of the good stuff and you'll be as right as a right person, again.

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