Morning of the Squirrel

Can Someone explain Kim Kardashian without laughing? Can I make a Baseball Bat from the log I found? How will Terry afford his Gazebo concerts? All these questions will be answered with human and fun.. On todays show, we will also have The News, What's My Crime? A silly joke, Our Photography contest, a songs by Deadlands and some live music by the Hoodoo Blues Band!


Bill Y said...

Welcome back Jeff, you were sorely missed last week. Loved the opening song, the best so far. Scurvy Jane auditioned for one of those dreadful reality tv shows this week. They asked her who her favourite "celebrity" was and she told them it was Kim Kardashian and they absolutely loved that answer. Sad and pathetic? Very much. You gotta love Terry's ambition for the gazebo gigs.

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