Coffee Noir - Sunday Morning coffee 27

Today, Jeff's long 4th of July weekend, featuring The Beatles (cover band), Led Zeppelin (cover band), Johnny Cash (cover band), an 80's band going Bon Jovi and the real Blue Oyster Cult. Willy goes on the road and he watches The Beatles (cover band), and we get part 6 of Cloneheads. All this plus the News and What's My Crime? Coffee with Jeff, Rock and Roll, Crime and Comedy.


Bill Y said...

Hi Jeff, another great show. Really enjoyed the opening song. Can't say I really enjoyed the band doing the Bon Jovi cover. A band playing a Bon Jovi song is like a member of PETA wearing fur - once you do it, your credibility is out the window. Totally with you on getting rid of all the clones.

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