How to Get Clips off YouTube

I've been asked many time how I'm able to get these clips off YouTube. At first I used a programs called TubeTV. This is a web browser that connects with YouTube and let's you have any clip. I believe this application is for Apple only. I did have a lot of problems with it, however. The main problem is the losing the sinc between audio and video.

So, after a little more research, I found this site KEEPVID. On this site, you just enter the YouTube URL and it will give you a few options for downloading. Usually you get a low-res flv option and a hi-res mpeg option. Sometimes you get lucky and get a really hi-res option. I think it depends on how the video was uploaded to youtube.

Here is the Link

I might add that I don't know any of the legal aspects of downloading off YouTube. Download at your own risk!


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