Iron Maiden - 1980

I had heard of the band Iron Maiden but never had given them much thought. This was back in 1982 when a friends introduced me to their third album, The Number of the Beast. It was love at first sight. I played that album to death.

Of course, I had to check out their previous two releases, Iron Maiden and Killers.
I was originally disappointed. While the latest record was powerful and well produced the first two sounded more like a garage band. At the time I remember wondering if this was even the same band. And where was that singer with the huge voice whose opening on Beast blew me away?

After a couple of listens, my opinion slowly changed. The first release by Maiden has since become one of my favorites.

Prowler – This song open with such a basic guitar riff it is almost comical but it is a great tune. I energetic and powerful opening to the album

Sanctuary – A Maiden classic. The fast-paced energy continues with this one. The one problem I've always had with this song is the constant panic when I'm driving and I hear those police sirens.

Remember Tomorrow – The album slows down a bit with this one which words well after the two before it. I love how this tune goes from almost a ballad to a classic rock and roll guitar solo in the middle and them back to the ballad.

Running Free – Come on now, nothing needs to be said about this one. From the bass-drums opening to the lines “Just 16, pick up truck, out of money, out of luck” I believe this song has never been out of their liv set. I'll just that word again “Classic”

Phantom of the Opera – This tune could have probably held up as an instrumental. When Paul does begin to sing, it is right along with the guitars. About two minutes in, The song changes style completely and after a few more vocals goes into a long and fantastic guitar instrumental. Love this tune!

Transylvania – Speaking of instrumentals, this is something I always wished the band would do more of. I dare you not to crank this one! Four Minutes of Rock and Roll heaven!

Strange WorldTransylvania goes right into this one. A slower tune, one of the weaker tunes on the album but a nice break from the none stop heavy metal energy the last three tunes. Great guitar work as always.

Charlotte the Harlot – The first of four tunes using the leginary “Charlotte”. Of course most Maiden fans remember her from 22 Acacia Avenue. This song is similar as it changes tempo in the middle of the song; Hard Rock, slow down to ballad style, and them kick-ass with some great guitar work.

Iron Maiden – If you don't know Iron Maidens theme than why are you reading this. Still in their live set and a classic Maiden tune!

It should be noted that by the time of The Number of the Beast, only three of these members would still be part of the band and only two, Dave Murray and Steve Harris by the time of Piece of Mind.

Jeff's review for this album 9.5 out of 10!


Anonymous said...

I bought the first Album when it came out on a whim because after searching in a record store I saw the cover, thought it looked cool and hoped that it sounded good, got it home and was blown away! called my best friend and told him, and amasingly enough, he had just done the exact same thing... Willy

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