Elvis vs The Mummy

Well I hope you watch Bubba Ho-Tep last night. Bruce Campbell as Elvis fighting a Egyptian mummy with Jack Kennedy. Seriously! Here is the trailer!

I'm starting to formulate a plan for the next Coffee With Jeff. Also, I think there is going to be some major changes to the show. Stay tunes young crime fighters!

The blog of the week is one called Power Pop Criminals. It is another Rock and Roll blog that features rare and hard to find music. Recent post are titled VARIOUS - SOME SOUNDALIKESSLATERS - THE BIG BLACK BUG BLED BLACK BLOOD (1993) and EXPLODING WHITE MICE - WE WALK ALONE (1995), so you can see the blogger isn't doing you typical top 40. His name is angelo and the only thing I know about his is his favorite film is Animal House.

For all those card players out there, the podcast of the week is Poker Road Radio. This is a podcast with a strange history. Back in 2005, it was 'The Circuit" by Card Player Magazine, and then it moved to Pokerwire, and now has found a home at Poker Road Radio. That is because one of the host's, Joe Sebok (Son of Barry Greenstein) is the owner of Poker Road. The show has a revolving cast, but the main three are Joe, Gavin Smith and Joe Stapleton. The show is about poker but with humor. In fact sometimes the humor takes the place of poker talk. For poker players who want to laugh, this is the podcast for you!

That's about all I have for this week. And remember, keep watching the skies!"


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