How to Get Ranked on YouTube

The question I've noticed a lot of people asking, including myself, is how do YouTube rankings work. I've done some searching and really, all I find a crap. One site gave these three criteria:

• The title of your video
• The description of your video
• The tags that you assign to your video

Now that is really crap. Search any subject on you tube, look at the highest ranks and read the descriptions, titles and tags. You'll find yourself asking "How the hell did that video get one of the top rankings" I've seen videos with almost no descriptions, one bad tag, and such a generic title and yet has 50,000 views.

I do a weekly entertainment video, as you probably know from this website. I've been playing around with all three of these things and nothing has really helped. I know one thing that will get you ranked higher . . have a pretty, blond and young girl be in your vid!

I do think that links to the video. comments and "likes" might have something to do with it. after all, I believe YouTube is controlled by Google and they love playings with rankings.

Over the next few months, I'll be tracking my videos and experimenting with ways to get ranked higher and I'll let you know what my results are. If you have any information that might help me, please let me know!

And for God's sake, watch COFFEE WITH JEFF!!!!


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