My YouTube Experiment Week 2

So, most of the advice I seem to be getting is to properly tag your video. That and good description is what your YouTube video needs. This, of course is bullshit. Yet, that is what I am trying. After posting Sunday morning, by Tuesday morning I have a whopping 13 hits (and two of those is from me).

Now, I've been searching for answers to just how some of the most worthless, crappy videos get thousands, even millions of hits on YouTube. How is this possible, I ask?

They cheat!

Here is a good example of what is going on.

But beyond that, since I can't really do anything about the cheaters, and I refuse to cheat, what have I been doing? I've been looking fro good, original content, and when I find such content, I've been subscribing and leaving comments. This, obviously, is an attempt to get them to do the same for me. I should say, I only subscribe to videos I actually like, ones that entertain me! Hey, someone has got to do things the right way.


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