A Beaker Full of Death

Bigfoot? Really? I've got some news for you. All the plastic bottles America uses can stretch around the world 190 times? Really Can we do better? We go Hanging with the Hollies with Terry, On the Road with Willy, Phoebe will blow your mind and more!


Bill Y said...

Hi Jeff, another great show. I don't come from your side of the pond but I'm throwing empty water bottles out as we speak. Willy's damn right not to wear those sunglasses at night. If I was to get a present for a fan of The Hollies, I think I would choose some holly. It's both christmassy and a play on words. I always thought Bigfoot didn't exist but now I know for sure. Just when you think there's no way for Phoebe to get better, she only goes and gets better. I'm running out of words to describe how great she is and I know a couple of dozen words.

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