Past Present and Future

The fact and fiction about cave people, Phoebe contemplates the idea of being big, more of what Willy wouldn’t do and a mistake creates a Giant Head! Also, a visit with Brian from Milwaukee and Pete has his NFL game of the week.

Ugly Duckling by Jungle Fever

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Bill Y said...

Hi Jeff, another great show. Phoebe's thought process continues to amaze. If she ever stars in her own movie, I will fly over to your side of the pond straight away to be at the opening. She obviously loves where she lives and for a small cat to contemplate the if's and buts of living in the world like a big cat is just unreal. Long live queen Phoebe is what I say. You wouldn't be the first person to connect your brain to a Mac. There are those that will tell you that it could never happen with a pc but that's only because a pc is not powerful enough but hey, that's a conversation for another day. The great American brain was great. Brian from Milwaukee was his usual real self. Can't wait for coffee in space. Zebra

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