Balloons or Saucers - UFOs

Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? What really happened? Car shopping with Willy but who is going to pay for it? Phoebe asks the question, Did curiosity kill that cat? In this funny show, UFO's, Flying Saucers, mystery, cats and cars. Also a special addition of "What's My Crime" about a 66 year-old grandmother who gets busted for something in her garden.


Bill Y said...

Another great show Jeff, Phoebe was on the money as usual. I know it's highly unlikely Phoebe will ever host the Oscars but what a cool show it would be, if she did. Your ufo joke would make Phoebe proud. I'm a cynical little mocker and don't believe in the Roswell stuff but then again, I don't believe in the religion of Chuck Norris either. Should be interesting to see the budget Willy gets for his new car.

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