Coffee And Nature

Early morning in the cold woods looking for nature! We look at chicken, eggs, DinoChickens, used cars, comic books and more. Check out all the laughs with Willy, Fritz, Phoebe and Jeff. Warning, this show contains laughs, music, cats, old men, snow, car shopping and a scary monster. Can you guess the celebrity on "It's Not Fred" and what I learned form the movies!


Bill Y said...

Another great show Jeff and i can't wait to see what kind of car Willy ends up with. I should have known that if anyone could answer the old chicken or egg dilemma, it would be Phoebe. The 'something in the woods' song was really good. Poor old Frirtz got massively confused this week. From watching the movies, I learned that cops live on coffee and doughnuts.

La Petite Gallery said...

very funny.


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