Jeff Makes Coffee

Due to the fact I couldn’t do the show I wanted, I present a show about the making of a Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff episode.. Along the way, we have some clips of past shows including a few shots from the first couple of Saturday Morning Coffee with Jeff shows. Willy checks out the music of some old friends, Goin’ South, Phoebe and Terry does a interview with Marian Manseau Cheatham' about her new book, Merely Dee. THe Show is a little long this week, but there is a intermission half way throught, so deal!


Bill Y said...

Another great show Jeff. That intro music was strangely hypnotic. It put me in a semi-trance like state where I almost became one with understanding and logic. If you could bottle that sound, you would make a fortune. It was good to see behind the scenes of how the show is made. It's crazy how you get used to something, 'Saturday Morning Coffee' sounds soooooooo much different than 'Sunday Morning Coffee'. It's easy to forget sometimes that even the great Phoebe must sometimes question her own philosophising. It must be hard having so much knowledge and wondering about stuff. When I finish my studying, I hope to figure out how magnets work bur Phoebes work will continue and that's a satisfying thought for me. The driving to work music was cool.

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