Coffee With Answers!

So why does Jeff do this show every week? Is there a secret that he never told anyone before? And why does he promote the shows the way he does? And why no montage sequences? Willy Goes On the Road to the Brat Stop in Wisconsin to see Black Tide and Phoebe goes deep to talk about God! For the musicians watching, how about some advice from Thelonious Monk! This week it’s Comedy and the truth.


Bill Y said...

Another great show Jeff, great to see the piece on The Monk. He was a legend among legends. A true jazz pioneer in the true sense of the word. That man was breaking the rules as he made them up. You can hear so much of his ideas in today's funk. A man who understood musical dynamics like few do today. The montage sequence was great. Phoebe makes me think of stuff that I don't want to think about. If I don't acknowledge the presence of a God, then God for me, doesn't exist. If only the same principal could be applied to Bon Jovi.

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