Anklebone Stories

Sometimes and idea hits and the excitement of that idea is so overwhelming that I can not help myself but go ahead and start the production of that idea, whether I am ready or not. Such is the case with Anklebone stories. Even the name, Anklebone Stories was just used because I didn't didn't take the time to come up with a good name.

The idea was simple. I'd take a real story, a bizarre, strange, almost unbelievable story and tell it was I was reading a children's book to a group of youngsters. While I read, artwork, supposedly from the book, would be shown on the screen.

Well the idea came late in the week, and since the show was only days away, I really didn't have time to get drawings together, and really rushed the whole thing. I didn't even like the way I told the story. It was one of those situations in which, after I took apart the set, packed up the camera and lights, sis I realize that my reading of the story was crap.

And now I've just completed the video for a second Anklebone Story. I am afraid to watch the footage, fearing that is is no better than the previous work. I do have artwork this time, thanks to my wonderful wife, Dawn.

Yet, I will edit this down. I do confess that I am the wrong person to do this but, if not me, who? I hope everyone who watches the show realizes that everything about Coffee With Jeff is a work in progress and a learning exercise for me.

This weeks coffee with be about the Raelians!



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