Time, The Universe and Anklebone

So, been thinking about doing a show about time and the universe because I've have been increasingly becoming obsessed with the whole thing. So much the the theories I read just make no sense, or it is beyond me. Whatever. Probably will never get around to it.

I did have a good idea for a show and while I've been tempted to do it as soon as possible, I'll have to wait until the weather warms up bit considering there will be some traveling and site seeing involved.

Here is the second Anklebone Story. Still not quite what I've had in mind. The artwork was all done by my wife Dawn, who is not only doing the artwork for the next one but writing it as well.

And I hope to see you all on March 13, 2009 in Woodstock, IL to see Goin' South! More on this later!


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