Get the Knack no more

If you have not heard, Doug Fieger of the group The Knack passed away on Feb 15, 2010. He was 57.

Many consider the band a one hit wonder and that I can not argue. My Sharona is the song the band will always be known for. Looking backing, the band has a couple of popular songs off that first album, Get The Knack but only the big one lives on.

I still remember that sleeve for the single. (Kids, if you don't understand what a single was, ask you parents). The thin white shirt that you could almost see through was a welcome site for a teenager.

The song was played and played. It was huge.

I saw them on the tour that followed their huge success.

You could not order tickets for a show like this online, because there was no online back in 1980. And for some reason, which I don't remember, tickets were not available at Ticketmaster. I had to go stand in line at the theater box office. I don;t even remember where they played.

Here is the thing, I promised a buddy I'd get tickets and I didn;t have enough cash so I actually coulded out change, Quarters and Dimes to get enough. I got in line, which as very long and I was wearing a yellow Linda Ronstadt shirt. I was standing right behind a couple of girls. I can't remember if they were cute or not but I did remember a bee seemed to like my yellow shirt and the whole time we waited, this yellow bee would not leave me alone. The great part of that was it gave me a great excuse to talk to these girls, and they seemed to take the treat of a bee sting with good humor.

I got the tickets.

I don't remember too much about the show except there was no light show. I think they were trying to do the whole "Beatles thing", trying to even do shows like those early Beatles concerts. And I remember at the end, for a encore, Doug came out and acted like he was upset about they way people thing they are trying to be The Beatles, and after a short speech, the band played A Hard Day's Night with huge grins.

The bands anticipated follow up, "...But the little girls understand" failed to live up to the hype and the band quickly faded from public eye. Every now and then, they woul dpop up with a new album but I never heard a song off any of them.

So, Doug, R.I.P as they say.


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