The Weapon, A Rigid Feminine Pleasure Device

Some people think what makes the place you living in important is property values, or the schools. No, not really. It is not the shops or parks, nor the quality of the police or fire department. It is the people in your community that make it worth living in. I live in Gurnee, Illinois and it is the folks in this town that make it an ideal place for raising a family.

Take Carolee Bildsten, 56, of the 5300 block of David Court, for instance. According to the, she has been charged by the police with assaulted an officer on Tuesday evening with “a rigid feminine pleasure device.” that is what Gurnee Police Cmdr. Jay Patrick called the weapon.

Allegedly she left Joe's Crap Shack without paying and that is how this whole thing started. When the police went to her home to investigate, is when she apparently “attacked” them with the sex toy.

Fox News reports the this lady has been in trouble before for not paying a restaurant tab and according to The Smoking Gun, she was arrested last September for drunken driving.

For those of you that think, “I glad we don't have people like that in our town”, your missing out. It is colorful folks like Carolee Bildsten that make Gurnee worth living in!


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