So, What About this Learnin' Thing

When cable became to really boom in the 1980s or 1990s, a lot a great channels began to appear. There were many channels that were devoted to select areas. MTV was Music Television! Not so much anymore.

The one that gets me is The Learning Channel. Have you looked at today's line up?

County Jail: Oakland
I guess you can learn what to do if you ever go to prison! Hey kids, this could be you!

Police Women of Dallas
OK, if that is a career goal for any of you kids. Men don't apply. Isn't this just an excuse for guys to watch ladies on uniform?

Street Customs
This one is good learning for potential grease monkeys. Has a slight bit of learning for anyone who restores cars, I guess.

Home Made Simple
Hey, a bit of actual learning! A Home improvement show.

Bringing Home Baby
I think this is another "reality" show about a baby changing peoples lives. Um..OK The good news it is on 3 times today!

A Baby Story
A show about people dealing with the birth of their child. I don't see how this is entertaining or educational!

Pregnant for 46 Years
OK, there is a something to this, a lady carries around a baby inside her for 26 years. I guess the lesson learned it listen to your doctor!

Say Yes to the Dress
A guess this is a "Reality" show about a dress maker. Why is this interesting? As as far as learning????

Wedding Day Makeover
Seriously, if you watch this crap, you have a very boring life. Stop watching other people in their lives and get one of your own! And this show is on, and on and on during they day,

What Not to Wear
Fashion experts tell people what they feel comfortable in is wrong and people listen to these jerks. The lesson here, the way you think, feel and act is wrong and these self proclaimed "Experts" will tell you why, Hey kids, don't think for yourself!

Cake Boss
If you are interested in cake design, you can watch this, or one of the many shows like it. Personally, I think, it is just a freakin' cake. Stop taking it so seriously. Slap a little frosting on it and eat it up!

Four Weddings
Let's watch others get married and dream about that special day of are own. And let's hope things go wrong, because I love to laugh at others. Makes me feel good about my pathetic life!


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