Halloween - The Day After!

All is quiet now. There are no gangs of children roaming the streets, looking for free handouts. Not anymore. They had to stop before the Sun set. Those are the rules here is Gurnee.

The sun has just risen and I am sitting with Ally by my side, watching Peter Lorre. He has just attached new hands to Colin Clive, a pianist who's hands were amputated after a nasty trains accident. Of course, being a Halloween film shown on Turner Classic Movies, those hands belong to a killer, and not Clive has all types of problems.

Ally is my dog.

I DVR'd a bunch or classic horror films this weekend, and now are watching the ones I didn't get to over the weekend. Peter Lorre in a wonderful mad doctor.

The candy! What about the candy! Not too many children this year, so we have plenty left over. Is this a good thing?

The reception of yesterday's Coffee with Jeff was a bit of a disappointment. I worked harder on that episode than any other. I thought it turned out fantastic and expected a few more comments that I recieved. The Manchester Gallery was exceptional and Willy did a great season end piece. We will see how the week goes.

Anyway, now we have two months to try to put together some idea's for season 3.


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