The Movie Psychic - She's Out of My League

This is something new.

Although I've never been a believer is Psychic powers, I might change my mind as I feel I've developed powers that let me judge a new movie without ever seeing it. I awoke this morning with a movie review for the new DreamWorks film She's Out of My League.

This film is not worth paying for, in fact two years from now when it is shown in WTBS at 2 in the morning, and you're awake because that cold you have been suffering with for weeks won't let you sleep, and you are just looking for something mindless to doze off to, this movie still won't be worth watching.

It is a stupid, mindless, formulaic romp with uses every cliched joke and fails completely and providing any laughs.

Here is what my psychic powers tell me about the end of the film. If they are correct, I might spoil the ending for you. The geek and the pretty girl get together and give the appearance of living happily ever after. Of course, this is bullsh*t and the relationship won't last, but if this is the king of film you like, just use you suspension of disbelieve and pretend, if that makes you happy.


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