I Need a Pretty, Young Girl

So I've been posting Coffee With Jeff on Youtube for over a year now and the latest episode received 36 hits. Actually part 1 got 36 hits, part 2 - 12 hits and part 3- 8. Now I spend a long time coming up with thoughts and idea's, editing together clips and adding amazing footage from Terry, Willy and Mark and that in itself is fulfilling. Today, however, I come across this video:

This is a very pretty, young English girl but she is say, well, nothing. NOTHING AT ALL! Do you want to see how many hits this video has?

That's right, 327,721! So I'm thinking I need a sexy young lady, preferably with a accent to host Coffee With Jeff. So, here is my plea, if you are a young girl, pretty and don't mind growing facial hair and being called Jeff, and getting up at 5 A.M. twice a month, call me.


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