What is this thing called a Podcast?

So I keep talking about podcasts and you are a little confused about how to listen to them. Here is Jeff to the rescue!

First let me explain what exactly a podcast is. A podcast, either audio or video is just a digital recording with an RSS feed. In you subscribe to the RSS feed; the podcast will automatically be downloaded to your computer every time the podcaster uploads a new show. If this sounds a but confusing, let me explain the easy way to get a podcast.

First, download iTunes. This is a free program from Apple that is available for both PC’s and Mac’s. And even if you are a PC user who has a childlike dislike of Apple computers, make an exception and download this program. One you have this on your computer; go to the Apple iTunes store (Look at the left side) and so a search for any subject that you want to hear a show about. The search box is on the top/right. Now you’ll see choices on the left that say, “Filter by Media Type” and click podcasts. Now you’ll see a list of the podcasts the relate to your search. Pick one. If it says it is free (and I’ve never found one that is not free), subscribe. iTunes should download the most recent episode with the options to download the rest.

At this point, listen. If you don’t like it, you can delete it. If you like it, download more episodes.

What I do it put them all on my iPod and listen in the car.

That’s it, podcasting made easy!


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