I Won't Apologize

I spent a few hours last evening trying to shoot a bit for this weekends Coffee With Jeff. Did not go well. I'm afraid the animals at our house, 2 cats and a dog, heard a bit of language that is unsuitable for drunken sailors. (and I use the term drunken sailors with respect)!

I was going to apologize for not posting my usual Jeff Update on Thursday but that thought, no. I'm not going to apologize to you or anyone else. Don't look at me that way! Who are you to judge!

Been watching a lot of old Mystery Science Theater 3000 lately. Started to transfer my old VHS tapes to DVD but soon realized that most of them are in very poor shape. As I type this, I'm watching Forest Tucker in The Crawling Eye. Hey Forest, you were funny in the politically incorrect F-Troop, but you were a horrible actor.

My Blog recommendation for this week is LIFE. WORDS, & ROCK 'N' ROLL by Stephanie Kuehnert. I discovered this blog through my friends Terrence's blog, Broken Hearted Toy. I knew from the moment I read her profile, "I'm a punk rock girl from the Midwest." this would be an interesting blog. Stephanie is a poet and writer who has written two novels, I WANNA BE YOUR JOEY RAMONE and BALLADS OF SUBURBIA. She describes her blog as "the place where I babble about writing, music, and life in general!" Her latest post in titled, Women Who Rock Wednesday: Cheryl Rainfield. Good read!

Brad X is the host of the Podcast Get Drunk and Play Records. The iTunes description is "Get Drunk and Play Records with Brad X! Trashy, sleazy, filthy rock'n'roll... the perfect show to kickstart your weekend debauchery." Brad usually plays old scratchy 45's while he drinks cheep beer, swears and belches. He is loud and sometimes annoying but I enjoy each one of his shows. Although iTunes only has his recent 5 shows, he use to be part of the Garage Punk network and many older shows can be found there.

Hard at work trying to get the show ready for this weekend, and here is a little last of what might be included.

And finally I would like to recommend a film, David Lynch's Island Empire. I don't know when it will be on again, but it has been in all the time on The Sundance Channel. I would like to tell you what it is about but I've watched in a few times and really don't know. Lynch said of the film that it is about a women in trouble. The women in trouble is Laura Dern. Like all of his films, it is more of a bad dream that a story. Dern seems to just around into different realities and in the following seen, she is with a bunch of prostitutes who begin to dance.


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