Jeff's World - Spring Don't Leave

That's right, it is too nice out today to go back to the cold and snow. Baseball starts next week. This is the Cubs years! Yep, I said it! And I said it last year, and I'll probably say it next year.

It's been a busy week. That's why I'm a day late with my weekly post. Every year I do these hockey videos for my boss. He has three boys and each one is in a different age group for junior hockey, so each gets his own end of the year hockey video. We need to get them done by a date of the party and this year each party was at the last minute so that means a lot of running around trying to get them done in time. I've got two done, each one just in time (like hours before the party) and have the big one, for the older boys, next. Nothing like watching kids you don't know about play a game you don't care about for parents you've never met!

My favorite music blog, Broken Hearted Toy reviews two CD's (in my day we called the albums), Don McFunnamy's Looking For A Clue and Apocalypse Meow's Uncovered And Unashamed. Terry also write for the Illinois Entertainer. In the latest issue he reviews You Say Party! We Say Die!, Librarians, and The Morning Benders. Plus, my profile of the new M.A.S.S. concert series at the Mary-Arrchie Theatre.

A little more from me on CD's and albums. The general thought, I believe, it that the vinyl disks of my day were albums and the little plastic things of the late 1990's were CD's. My thoughts are they are both Albums, and the difference is, one is a record and one is a compact disk. The term "Album" just refers to a collection of songs.

The podcast I would like to recommend is one called Lin's Bin. Lin Brehmer is a local radio personality on WXRT in Chicago and a few times a week he answers a listeners question in a short, funny and thoughtful way. Audio clips from every source are added creating a really entertaining 5 or so minutes. Subject matter can vary as much as The Ice Cream Man to the Seven Deadly Sins. Even if you are not from Chicago, Lin's Bin is worth a listen!

That's all I've got this week. I have to get ready for my fantasy baseball draft and a new Coffee With Jeff this weekend.


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