The Blog Search - Found One

Before I get started, I wanted to share a few observations in my search for intelligent blogs

1. The World does not need another "Best of YouTube" blog.

2. There are too many dead or dieing blogs out there.

I found a intelligent blog!
Confessions of a Recovering Cynic

This blog is by a 30 something lady named Tricia and I want to talk about a comment to one of her posts. She wrote a very entertaining piece called "I Love My Boobs". I thought it was funny. It is just a list of all the reasons she loves her breasts.

Anyway, most of the comments were positive except one. This is what someone wrote.
"You kind of sound like a whore..."

First of all, I find it sad that a person is so backwards that he or she things a women talking about she body makes her a prostitute. This is an old school mentality, you know, girls are not suppose to enjoy sex, or even talk about it,without being though of as a slut.

But I understand that some people still live in the early 20th century!

What gets me is the face that this person didn't even have enough guts to sign there comment. They left it as "Anonymous". Hey Anonymous, Tricia might sound like a whore to you but you sound like a pussy to me! If you are going to call someone a name, at least have to courage to stand by what you said.

And we have to wonder how that Anonymous found Tricia's blog? Could it be that Anonymous was searching for porn on the internet and found it? If so, it sounds a bit hypocritical to me!

Anyway, back to her blog. I find so many of the personal, diary style blogs to be of no interest to me. They are more geared to family or friends. Confessions of a Recovering Cynic is different due to both its subject matter and sense of humor.

Also on the subject of Blogging, I found a great, very comprehensive list of 52 points to help one become a better blogger. It is on a site called The Writer's Pulse. If you think you are not doing something write, or are just beginning, I suggest you read this. In fact, I think, from what I've seen on the internet, most people could use this:


On last thing. I've got some friends that have some wonderful blogs. They are listed on the right column. I just wanted to point that out. I don't want them to think that when I say I can't find intelligent blogs, I include them. All the blogs I list on the right are intelligent, and very much worth reading. What are you waiting for? Check them out!


Greg said...

I agree with you Jeff..Sign your name on comments or you're just a pussy!

Bill Y said...

Hi Jeff, I'm prepared to spend the rest of my days searching for this sad, pathetic, excuse of a person. Anyone who doesn't stand over what they say and put their name to comments is as useful as a fur lined walking stick.

Tricia said...

Oh, Jeff!! I never saw this post before! See, now things like this totally make up for all the d-bags calling me names! :)


The 'STUPID BITCH' whore (now)

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