What About This Blog?

As I said yesterday, I am making a real effort to increase the reader and viewership of this blog. I am working on a article about my search for intelligent blogs. Today. however, I think I'll write about this blog, and why it is so messed up.

Every Sunday, since the creation of this free blogspot blog, I've posted my show called Sunday Morning Coffee with Jeff. (And I appreciate you checking it out) but the problem with that is videos don't bring in viewers. Search engines, such as Google, recognize the written word and can't see what's in a video. So I think it will be up to my actual blog posts to bring in a audience.

And there lies the problem! My subject matter is all over the place. For a while I was reviewing movies and classic rock albums, I blogs about skeptical issues that were on my mind, then I was talking about my life, and all sorts of things. Write now, this blog has become a bitching ground for not being successful.

Does this even make any sense? Writing post's that will most likely drive readers away about how I don't have any readers? It is like owning a restaurant, telling people how crappy the food is, and wondering why they don't come.


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