I Thought I Had Something to Say

I am attempting to have a schedule for my posting. Wednesday is the day I post my search for intelligent blogs. Thursday is the day I post something more personal; my thoughts or experiences. You know, all the things personal blogs post that no one really wants to read. Hopefully there will be enough good content the rest of the week so you can overlook my self-indulgence.

That being said, I've got a problem. Before I went to bed last night I had come up with something I thought was interesting to write about. Now I can't remember what that was!

I am watching the James Bond film, Octopussy right now. What a horrible film. I love the early Connery ones, thought the Dalton films were very good, didn't care much for the Remington Steal (Although I have to admit I only saw one from beginning to end), and have not seen any of the reboot films but the Roger Moore films, wow. Live and Let Die was an OK film, even though it was the beginning of the silliness but they slowly went down hill from there.

Playing poker tonight and tomorrow night. Friday is the game I am really hopping for a good showing. We'll see! I know there are going to be a few really good players and a LOT of beginning/bad players. These players are the landmines of poker, hidden dangers that you must watch for.

OK, enough of my rambling. I'll have something more substantial tomorrow!


Bill Y said...

Good luck with the search for intelligent blogs Jeff. I reckon there's more chance of Bon Jovi releasing a good tune than finding one.

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