Overly Nice Drivers

I don't mind jerks when I drive, as long as I don't get into accident because of them. I think these jerks do enough on their own to show their stupidity. What I HATE (yes, I know it is a strong word) is the overly nice driver. These people drive me up the wall.

I must apologize for this post, for it is very long.

One morning I'm driving east, approaching an four-way stop intersection to make a left turn. Another car going west, is already stopped at the corner long before I even put on the breaks. The sun is shinning down and reflecting off his windshield. I assume he is waiting for me to come to a complete stop before proceeding, but once I'm stopped, he just sits there. Why isn't he going? On closer inspection through the reflecting sun, I notice he is waving his hands like a moron telling me to go first. ARGGGG! WTF!

Follow simple driving protocol and the world will be just fine. When it is your turn, GO!

I'm waiting at a stop light. Due to construction, The four lane road I am on will merge to two after the light. The idea is simple, the cars in the left lane go's first, followed by a car from the right, left, right, taking turns. On this day, I was third in line on the left lane. Once the light turned green, the second car in made it clear he was not going to let a car in the right lane merge. Jerk, but that's OK, at least he made it clear. Without a thought, I ease back to let the pick-up truck in the right lane in. As I slow, so does he. Taking turns is so logical, I don't even think about it for a minute, so by the time I realize this what this guy is doing, he are going like 10 miles an hour and I hit the gas in anger.

When it is your turn to go, GO. In America we take turns!

One last example:
The company I work at is on a side street. To get out onto the main street, you must wait at a stop light. Sometimes you must sit through three of four red mights before you can get on the main road. There is also a shopping center on the right and cars are always waiting to get onto the side street, so they can get on the main street. This should be another one of those simple situations.If you are waiting for the might and row of cars are waiting to get onto the road, you let one in a proceed, and then the car behind you let's one car in and so on. One day I was behind a guy who decided to let EVER DAMN CAR waiting onto the road. Even people who were not ever paying attention. He just kept waving his arm, trying to get the day dreamers attention.

I had waiting four lights, now I missing the next two as windmill arm gets a whole parking lot onto the road!

I'm all for courtesy and respect while driving but when you are so insecure you must prove to the world how wonderful you are, you cause more problems and inconvenience to everyone.


Eastlake Victorian said...

I agree with everything you said. It's amazing how many people don't have any common sense whatsoever.

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