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I've gone back in forth on the personal blog. More often than not they are more like these blogs are more like a diary. When my search for intelligence began I came across hundreds of these and I first thought "Why?" Do I really want to hear about they guy you met at Starbucks today? I'm sorry you're lonely but . . .

Now as time went by and I've read a few of these, there is something I find intriguing. There are those that just tell you about there boring day, in a lifeless and humorless way but some people do a wonderful job baring their soul for all to read. I mean, I've thought of this but family and friends read this and do I really want them to know what a sick bastard I really am?

Sometimes you find some bloggers who really dig deep to express real insight into their lives, as if they are using the Internet as a virtual analyst. Others tell you about their lives in a more humorist fashion. And then there are those that combine both humor and deep insight.

Of course I guess we have to mention family blogs. I have come across many of these, parents documenting the raising of their kids. There are many single moms who write blogs about their struggles. Most of these are only an interest to those involved, family and friends, yet some do offer a bit to others who might be in the same boat, like the struggling single parent.

Now as far as intelligent blogs, I've got one that has nothing to do with what I've just wrote. It's called It's Good to Mock. This is a blog by Billy Y in which her pretty much mocks everything. Funny stuff here and you should check it out.


Bill Y said...

Hi Jeff, the first time I came across your blog, I just knew you had taste and class. I must admit I never thought I'd ever be mentioned in the same company as the word 'intelligent' and I won't pretend it doesn't scare the bejaysus out of me. Thanks again.

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