Star Wars Remake Part 2

So I watched Star Wars the other day. The original, that is, Episode 4!

Do you realize there are no Women, except for Leia and Aunt Beru! Talk about sexism. There was not one lady in the empire and not one in the rebels.

I guess this was a long, long time ago in a sexism galaxy far, far away. While the men are out fighting, what are the women doing? Cooking? Cleaning? Even Leia, who was portrayed as a strong leader who can handle a gun early in the film just sits a watches while the attack on the Death Star takes place. Not one freaking female in a TIE Fighter! Not one?

Now I realize that George Lucas was making a action film for young adolescent boys, but come on! Who wouldn't want to see a lady or two get blown up at the end? OK, so maybe that is something we don't want to see, but it would give the film a little edge that it needed.

And as the series goes on, how about giving Luke a girl friend? Seriously! He has the hots for his sister, and as soon as he realizes that ain't happening, there should be someone around that would do the hero of the rebellion! But we will get into the other films later.

One last note. Do you really thing a bunch of bad ass Nazi style Storm Troupers wouldn't have a bordello or something in the Death Star? Don't Storm Troupers have urges?

I think there is going to be a lot more work on this Remake than I thought!


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