Star Wars Remake - Empire


The first thing I'd do with this film is chop out that whole beginning section on the snow planet, Hoth. Even if I did have that scene in the film, I'd get rid of the insane At-At's. These things are not illogical. I mean, a vehicle that a thin piece of yarn could cause to topple over isn't much use. At-Ats are slow and the size, how did they get them to the surface? I notice George didn't show us that, now did he.

Since I save an half hour or more with losing that scene, I can actually have the rescue of Hans from Jaba the Hutt as part of Empire. This way it makes Chapter 5 a complete film. Although Empire is probably my favorite of all the films following the original, it still bugs me that it ended with w cliff hanger.

So film start out with the whole gang together in a space station. Luke and R2D2 go on a patrol in his X-Wing fighter. He is attacked by some TIE fighters and Hans, Leia and C3PO go to help in the Millenium Falcon. Before help arrives, Luke crashes onto a planet, maybe that ice planet. This is where the ghost Obi-Wan tells Luke about Yoda. One little change, Obi-Wan will still have his complete beard.

Now for a while the plot goes back to the George Lucas version. Once Luke gets his ship up and running, he goes to Dagobah, the other three run from the Empire and wind up on Cloud City, being followed by Boba Fett. On Cloud City (which could use a better name), all goes pretty much like before except there is know big battle between Darth and Luke. They only meet for a second or two. I would also add a scene in which Darth senses something about Leia, after all, she is his daughter. Again George's version is so full of sexism as only the boy child mattered. The twin sister is not important in the original.

Now the big finally in on Tatooine. Darth show's up during the rescue and it is then, when Hans is getting ready to be thrown to the monstrous Sarlacc, Luke gets his hand chopped of by Darth and finding out that he is daddy. It is Lando that saves Hans and Leia at the pit. This confirms him to really be a good guy, and then Hans, Leia, Lando, R2D2 and C3PO pick of handless Luke and fly away, leaving Darth a bit angry.

What all this means is a major re-write of Return of the Jedi. And Leia wil have a much better role in the third film.


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